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An interesting weekend... Considering I made it a three-day event. I didn't get a lot accomplished; but then again, I didn't plan too. I mostly wanted to putter and recharge a battery or two. ...and I think I did accomplish that.

I also spent the better part of the weekend living with Mandrake, Konqueror and Kmail. Mandrake/KDE and I seem to get along okay; I found Bluefish to be part of the ''kitchen sink'' install and I managed to update it to .6 without uninstalling it. Sure, I should know what I'm doing, but half the fun for me is seeing how the distro handles lamer actions...

I also managed to install CoffeeCup's Linux version of their HTML editor (thanks Brian), and post one evening with it. That went well enough and will help my transition as I know I can work from that platform on web site development.

Speaking of which, if you run Netscape and have had a time of it waiting for Shelley's site to download, that's fixed now. Some of her gifs are stored on another server than her site server. ...and that server went down hard Friday evening. So Netscape kept trying to fill the holes where the eye candy belonged, while IE and Konqueror just gave up and put spacers in. I replaced some of the gifs with ASCII in the interim; I'll relocate the balance to her main site's server one evening this week.

Konqueror also works well enough also. ...although I have to re-learn what it wants for keystrokes. ...and I'll have to find that patch for the scrolldent; I find I rely a lot on that little wheel. Konqueror wouldn't let Shelley do a page flip from the laptop Friday evening, but it will let me into both of our Userland sites today. Dunno, more experimenting is in order.

Kmail and I will get along as soon as I find out how to tweak the time settings twixt the CMOS, OS and the mailer. ...and I know I have email from a while ago from Brian on that. Kmail and Konqueror also led me to change out a cable from the KVM. I'd been using a wrapped cable set for some time and had noticed some 'ringing' on the display; after seeing this combo's clarity on the laptop, I unbundled the video cable and put in a new one. Wow! Much, much better.

I'll keep you apprised of the Linux routine this week as the Odyssey continues.

Have a good day...


I'm irritated... Yeah, yeah; nothing new there. But, you know, Iomega needs to get a clue.

WT? Well, they've been making kissy face to the Linux community for a little while now. ...and having some success with a comeback after their past mis-adventures.

So I wandered over to their site last night to see what I could see. ...from the laptop. The Linux laptop. ...with Konqueror. ...and Netscape. The two primary browsers for the Linux set.

No go. Nada. No completion. Not even downloadus interruptus.

Konqueror battered against their defensive JavaScript walls to no avail. I tried different settings, but the registration script just wouldn't work. Geez guys, what's up with that anyway? You want info? Perl, php, cgi, PDQ, WT?. I think any of those would work...

Navigator? Not even. It wouldn't even render the page with the ''Answers'' to the questions...

Konqueror at least let me in far enough to reach the first page (and only the first page) of their Linux forum. The one where someone succinctly replied to a question with:

What's the point of their software? All you need is mount and unmount...
'Nuf said...


Fun with Linux continues... I still wanted to work with CoffeeCup's HTML editor on the laptop, but I sure wasn't going to get it in from the Zip drive without a reinstall or a significant increase in my knowledge level. ...and I didn't want to fool around with a download on the dialup. ...and I don't have shares set up yet.

Download. Download? Hey, I wonder if Kitfox can ''see'' the Apache server running on Janus... Oh my, yes; one file transfer over to Janus and the tarball came rumbling down the wireless pike. ...and wouldn't install.

WT? Time to start looking at why that could be... Um, that'll happen if 'make' isn't installed. Why wouldn't it be? Perhaps because I pulled a 'recommended' install (and a truncated one at that) on the first go-round with this distro. Hmmm. I guess that will be another thing on the 'next install' list: a full kitchen-sink boatload special (after I figure out how to partition for that).

Okay, find 'make' on the CD, install it; install CoffeeCup... Whooeee! Posts are us! Yeah! I wonder what tomorrow will bring?

Probably something else interesting...


Just two things to yank your personal privacy chain this fine Thursday:

Start reading those blasted Terms of Service updates you get from your ISP before you find yourself being sold to the highest bidder...

...and a California town tries out a new definition of reasonable cause.

No, I'm not a cynic.

Not much...


Cynicism continued... Remember HP's Open Mail? Don Marti has something interesting to say about its demise. ...and its demise. Gee, he's cynical too. ''...hiring retired generals.''

...and you know, frankly sometimes we just don't need the new stuff for day to day operations. Thanks for the reminder, JHR.

Heck, it's Friday; let's have some fun:

Wave ''Hi!'' on the way to work Dan; we'll watch for you!

...and this guy is just flat over the top on PC mods; but he has so much good stuff in there... Like how to calculate the dropping resistor for that LED. ...mixed in with putting an acrylic window in your box. Over the top... Dave should love him <g>.

On the saner side of things, a Mac user has an easy time of it with Linux on a Dell box...

...and I simply have to mention Tom coding in HTML. ...and no, I'll leave it there.

...and close with a link to tips on how to win from the International Belt Sander Drag Racing Association.



I guess I wasn't quite cynical enough yesterday...

Good news though: a particular universality remarked on by E.E."Doc" Smith many years ago is still holding true today. As the story goes (or as I recall it) the human protagonist was riding along with his Rigellian host on the way into the city. They were linked telepathically and the lead character remarked on the grayish blank areas he was perceiving though his host. The host chuckled and ''opened'' his window of perception, allowing his guest to ''see'' the now unblanked advertising...

I'm happy to say my brain is now ''blanking'' the intra-story ads that are proliferating thoughout the web.

...and it's off to lecture for the day!


The other site's title for the day says it all. I guess I'm still dragging.

Church... Home... Chef Dan (breakfast for the family). Passed out in the recliner...

That was my Sunday...


...and I still have that sub-web to finish before tomorrow.

I'll see you then...

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