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I'll be heading in to work a little late this morning... I get to help deliver the Great Mission Project to school.

Yep, folks: It is complete! Finito. Done... Daniel typed all his paragraphs in yesterday evening and his managing editor and typesetter did their part. The last monkey of the semester is Off Our Backs! Now the kids can come home after school and hit the pool. ...which they will need to do, seein's as it's supposed to hit the century mark again today.

...and yep, things got hot elsewhere yesterday. ...and Marcia and I agree that the principle does apply...

Now to see if I can get a shoe on that foot...


Short shrift all week I suspect. ...even with the laptop in play. When I sit down to type at the workstation, my foot starts swelling up again. Swell <g>...

It was rather humorous yesterday as I tried to work in the office: with my foot propped up on as filing cabinet, I was able to work; but the overall effect as people came by was not all that professional.

...and today may be most interesting as I have to shoehorn a shopping run in sometime this week. ...and today is the only convenient day. The thing is, I seem to be okay as long as I keep one of my ankle wraps on and stay off the stairs.

We'll see. I'll have to move a laptop project up on the list and let stuff in the work area take a back seat for a time.

...or read a book or two.


From a cross stitch on the wall of our Clinician's office:

"I can only help so many people each day.

Today is not your day.

Tomorrow isn't looking all that good either!"

Maybe, maybe, maybe...


Well, Don Armstrong beat Marcia in by mere minutes to notify me this week's Time Sink was showing a blank page. Sure enough. Somewhere in the ftp process last night, the post disappeared into the the same place the socks end up.

No problem; I keep a spare pair at the office <g>.

For now, the alternate site will have to do. I'll repost things later tonight. Thanks for all the emails...



Well, I thought I'd just get into work early and post from there since I stayed up a little late working on a project for the alternate site. Good plan. ...right up until Pacific Bell slid the Internet into the sea.

No email, no connectivity, no nada. ...and since we're on an MS Exchange server with it's hooks into everything, my local machine seems to have suddenly lost it's memory of the fax modem connected to it. ...and is patiently waiting for the server to come up before it sends the faxes sitting in the queue on my Local Machine that is connected the very same Fax Modem that it sent faxes from yesterday!

So the post referencing DocJim's post about how Keith Robinson was migrating his UserLand site to a new site is waiting at work to be posted. Hey, Keith, you're in good company: I stole my site template from DocJim also. ...after I'd paid forward with the closed tables fix <g>.

Time to play catch up...


I may get up this morning. ...and then again, I may not. No need, really. There are a ton of projects that need to be done and an ankle that says some of them aren't going to happen. So it's time to pick and choose what has to happen and what will have to wait.

I suspect the walkway I was starting on last Saturday will have to wait; those pavers are rather heavy. ...and I'm pretty sure I'd better get some of the plants I bought the week before into the ground before I lose them.

...and I have a feeling this will be an excellent time to work on cleaning in the library. There's at least one rebuild in the immediate future, and perhaps a YANTI. ...and a router. ...and a Win 98 install. I'd call it a target-rich environment.

Decisions, decisions...


Well, hello there! Those of you expecting to find my usual off-the-wall comments over on the blog yesterday must have thought I fell into the pool once again <g>. Nah; just a full day outside.

Yesterday morning, I wrapped my ankle and decided to see how long I could function if was just a little careful. I think I did okay. I started the day by firing up the smoker and putting a bunch of meat on to cook, some country sausage for brunch and a couple of tri-tip steaks for dinner.

Then I looked at that pathway I've been working on and just said, "No way..." Those pavers weigh too much to be even thinking about any chance of a lateral rotation of that ankle. ...so I figured I'd do web work. After a few emails, I was done with inside work; my mind was on the ninety degree day outside...

Okay. Maybe the Japanese garden then... Those rocks are lava; they don't weigh too much. ...and the plants simply have to go in the ground before they over grow the nursery containers. K'. Off to work. ...and swim. ...and work.

I kept the wrap on most of the day and things went well enough. I'm about half way through; with any luck, I'll have some pictures up today or tomorrow.

I did leave the wrap off for the last part; in retrospect, that wasn't such a good idea <g>. Today, it will be in place as I work. My ankle hurts less when I'm out moving than when I'm here typing. So, I guess I'll just have to spend the day in the yard once again... That should be okay as it's supposed to be even cooler.

Catch you later!

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