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Hopefully I'll have more details on the Mom front later today... For now, it's back to work. ...and the plan there is to organize the heck out of things so I can take time off as needed if and when there's surgery involved. ...or to haul her back home, which is what she would prefer!

It turns out that the Gord of Friday's post lives just down the road from a reader in BC! Bill's planning a trip there at some point to give him a personal handshake. I just hope he remembers to return any games he might rent<g>...

Hmmm... I ran across a few links over the weekend; but I don't really have time to put something together quite yet. ...except to maybe tease you with the Linux version of a PalmIII...

Nah; don't look. I'm sure the $89 is a misprint...


Whoops! It's a good think Bill thought to email first before making the trek from Vancouver to Penticton; the Gord's not in town!

Subject: MIA

Just a quick note. I started a self-imposed hiatus as of August 24th, which is one of the reasons why my weekly updates suddenly stopped. I'm currently riding my new mountain bike along the hills of east Asia.

So anyone heading to the store will run into my friend who is running my store for me now. While he still gets many questionable customers (and some of the old ones who I speak about who said they would never return are now slowly coming back because I'm gone), he is much friendlier than I was.

And for the record, Japan is far too humid, and South Korea doesn't look anything like M*A*S*H at all.


Thanks for the note. ...and hurry home. Well, maybe. You may have a whole new outlook on life after your current adventure... Hey, you can write that up!

No significant news on the Mom front; I spoke with another of the Pros from Dover last night and they have a game plan. Now to see how that works out.

Thanks for the words and prayers.


"If it's Wednesday..." Nope, wrong day. Darn. Anyway, I just got back a little while ago from the hospital. Mom's cool, considering that she's been cooped up for far too long for her...

That's how my evening went; last night was devoured by locusts from the land of homework. ...and I don't even have the time or energy to work on other things.

I guess I can make the occasional comment though...


While I was hanging at the hospital this evening, I ran across this goodie from the print version of Interactive Week. It's a brief review of Linux management tools, with an emphasis on an outfit called Aduva. They provide 'Agents' that match up hardware and software. ...and whether an application server will work with your configuration. It's supposed to be something like having a sysadmin hanging around. ...at the enterprise level. Interesting... There's a thirty-day evaluation version available.

No, I don't have time to try it...


Happy Friday... Well, maybe. If the net seems slow to you today, it may be because several someones didn't do their homework. It seems like our friend from the 18th of the month, one "Nimba" had another vector ready to go: re-firing Friday morning at 0100.

Well, maybe it will fizzle...


Short version: I spent the morning and some of the afternoon at the hospital with Mom; took a nap in the recliner while Shelley crashed in our bed; managed to get out and blade some; and now it's time to chill out and watch how some football.

That's all for today here folks...


Ummm... See yesterday's entry. ...only take out the nap. ...and I'm going to try to blade in a little while.

I don't imagine I'll be back this way again today. Maybe something on the blog a little later.

Have a good Sunday...

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