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I hadn't thought I was being all that prophetic Friday, but it was a virusy weekend in e-mail land... Normally I don't get all that many infected e-mails, likely because I not in that many people's contacts; but Sircam and the others that pull addresses from temporary internet files had a great time.

Since I handle all initial e-mail at home in K-mail, I usually just return a note to the infectee advising them of the problem and adding a link to whatever cleaning tool they need or to a web-based scanner. ...and then go kill the offending file from the Worldnet server. ...and warn Shelley again. ...and think about moving her to Linux.

At my current paranoia level, it wouldn't take much to put me over the edge. ...and for her, there'd be no big deal; her e-mail needs are easy to meet and she already uses WordPerfect. ...and I'm betting most of the sites she visits would work fine in Konqueror or even Netscape. Maybe a rebuild for Christmas...

...and I whined too soon yesterday! Some free time opened up in the early evening and Wolf's chassis is now sitting on the left desk. Yeah, I need a little more room to work, but it's a start...

Speaking of which, it's time to start the work week...


Hmmm... I munged this up somehow last night, so let's try it again. I started off by saying this would be a most interesting post as I'm writing it in OpenOffice 6 (Build 638C). I figured since I use such a shotgun approach to learning things, I'd just skip over some steps and install and run OpenOffice rather than StarOffice. Well, I learned a thing or two during the install process; but since that went too easily (relative to later events), I figured ''What the heck''and loaded this page in.

The first thing that became real obvious was that a GenXer definitely had a hand in the programming: every time I typed ''What'', the auto complete finished the word as ''Whatever''... The second quick lesson was that my 'plain vanilla' HTML had been hijacked and tweaked. ...but not as horribly as Word mangles things, and I figured I'd try to post it as it stood. Then I did something...

I still haven't figured out what happened, but I ended up with a thoroughly trashed page. So I took a pass on things and went off to read for a while.

Now to see how this attempt turns out...

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