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When am I going to learn? Catch up on the Daynotes reading first. ...then play around with the new distro. <sigh>

I'd taken the manuals for SuSe 7.1 along with me last weekend and read all about their neat configuration utility. ...and I'd wanted to reset my resolution to 800x600 because my eyes just can't handle the higher densities on my 17'' monitor. Cool. ...also cool was the nice lapel pin from the commercial version: my St. Patrick's Day green was a lizard! Close enough to a snake for me.

So anyway, as soon as I get all the boxes and boxen fired up, I jumped into SaX2 to see what I could see. Oh, my. What a wonderful way to hose a system! It wasn't until I was settled in later at the kitchen table with the laptop that I read of Brian's misadventures with SaX...

The score as of late Sunday evening: Dan 1: SaX 2. I managed to get the resolution where I wanted it, but my rodent is still crippled beyond usefulness. Tonight's plan is to drop back ten and quick-kick. I suspect my KVM box is reporting something a little different than my Logitech scrolldent trackball; it's time to tell SaX that all I have is a simple little rodent of MS lineage.

There's some sort of irony there...