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Onward, ever onward. Yep, that's the routine again this week: more DMV stuff at work, more trying to second guess what we'll need when we move the office later this year, and more homework when I get home... <Sigh>; here's hoping for an early summer <g>...

I did manage a bunch of computer time this weekend; unfortunately almost all of it was web work and setup work for some future endeavors. Still, it was time well invested that will pay off over the next few months. Then again, if I don't start working with some hardware pretty darn quickly, I may just go stir crazy. I may do that anyway: one of the boxes has a fan starting to go out and I can't quite figure out which one it is. I can only hear it at times; and when I get close enough to the stack, it seems to stop! Hmmm... Maybe the critical need sensor is mis-adjusted...

Ah, well; let's see what Monday holds...


Well, now... Monday held a virtual cornucopia of delights as I came in to find my desk quite overflowing with the fruits of last week's incomplete labors! Sheesh...

I will say there was a lot less overflow when I went home to blade eight hours later <g>... For once, it seemed as though people were tied up enough on their own projects to allow Janeen and me to actually work pretty much straight through. That's a rarity, but a welcome one.

Let's see, titles to some sold vehicles off to the new owners, all sorts of restock headed our way, all the scattered files from Friday's episode at least back in one stack, the raw info for the drawing I need to do located from under the pile, eleventy-seven things crawling out from under the mess now that the weight is removed from the top... Heck, if it weren't for the slight odor of smoke, I'd think it was all under control <g>!

Hmmm... Maybe I'd better bring an extinguisher to work today...

Remembering 09/11/01


WT??? Extinguisher? Extinguisher? I didn't need no steenking extinguisher; I needed my old engine with a full tank of water and a hookup to a hydrant. ...and even that wouldn't have salvaged the day.

Sheesh. You'd think I'd have figured in out by now: if year end inventory and the preparation needed for that is coming down the pike, that means everyone and their brother has a project that needs handling Right Now... Ah, well; that's job security at its finest.

More later, perhaps...


All downhill from here... I caught some slack at work yesterday and some more when I got home: minimal homework with Daniel! Whoohoo! That helped me over the hump of humpday...

So I got some serious time in last night catching up in the web world. I'm working on learning a trick or two with web pages that you'll see from time to time over on the blog. ...and there's a photo stock page for those working with brushes in PhotoShop. ...and I've found an XML site I'm starting to mine for techniques. There's a coupla' synapses in the back of my head that want to make the XML/database connection with some things at work. What is intriguing to me is the seamlessness of XML cross platform on the browsers: it really wouldn't matter what OS or browser is used under the one layout I've seen...

'Course, I need some time to work on that...


Interesting weather we've been having lately... Today is supposed to be a more mellow day; I could use that since I've missed blading the last two nights. I almost went out anyway on Wednesday, but the thought of working against thirty-five mile per hour gusts backed me off...

...and I guess I should have known already, but I just found out Bill Shatner has a blog. So does one of his daughters... I must... be leading... ashelteredlife!

...and with that, I'll limp into Friday!


Whew... That storm we were having here on the valley floor Wednesday and Thursday dropped twenty inches of new snow at the 8000 foot level. Man, that can't hurt the runoff later this spring. ...and we have another one coming through tomorrow, although the guessers aren't sure exactly how light it will be.

...and the economic storm hit Fresno: Kmart is closing their three stores there. ...and they're leaving the one here in Clovis. I'm not sure what the logic is on that: the local store suffers from the same 'trashed' look as two of the Fresno stores; some people just shy away from there because of that... Ah, well; time will tell there also; maybe the restructure will allow for janitorial services...

...and time is not on my side; I have to get moving on my share of the cleaning since Shelley's dad is on his way up for dinner.

Catch you later...


A true day of rest... Yeah, yeah; but since I stayed out late (virtually) Friday night, a little recharge seemed to be in order. Saturday evening, I did something I rarely do anymore: I went to bed long before midnight, almost sixty minutes before! ...and didn't get up until I had just enough time to shower before church (customary for my congregation <g>).

...and since I'd been following the weather guessers all weekend hoping to be able to blade around the raindrops, I figured after church might work for that. Well, maybe.

...but maybe not. So I cooked up some low fat sausage (remarkably bland stuff unless you slow cook it with chili powder, lemon pepper and garlic salt) and proceeded to take an after-brunch nap in the easy chair. I recall hearing much hustle and bustle around me during brief periods of wakefulness (likely something to do with someone prepping for a garage sale); that must have been too draining: when I got up after an hour of so and went back to talk to Shelley, I fell asleep on the bed!

Hooeee... By that time I figured the only way to salvage the day was to blade some and say I actually got some exercise in. That worked, but there's a story there also <g>..

I'll tell you about it tomorrow...

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