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Good Morning! Heh. Just the start of another work week. ...and one that holds much promise for me overloading on this and that. The fleet's up for changeout and that means it's time for new equipment. Sooo... In addition to the normal duties, the abnormal duties, and feeding the partridge, I'll have quite a list to chunk through this week. That's cool though; it's job security...

...and I should be ready for at least some of it; I used the weekend to detox and have a little fun. If you didn't catch the blog's splash page for St. Patrick's day, it's archived here. ...and you may want to put your sunglasses on before you wander over there; I've made a change or two.

Catch you later...


Well, Monday had a little of everything, just in case I got bored! The job came through like I thought it would, only with the added bonus of a tight time frame on some things. ...which means I have a drawing to do today regardless of other issues.

...and for those following the homework saga here, last night went really well: Shelley and Bradley were off at baseball, which allowed Daniel and me to work together at the beginning of the week and get the concepts nailed down solid. Way cool. Somewhere there's a rant brewing about schools and homework and teacher responsibilities; I may let Shelley take that one since she spent time in the classroom yesterday teaching what evidently hadn't been taught...

...and since last night ran late (round II at 0030), so it goes this morning!

Remembering 09/11/01


A quick update for those who asked about the family since I won't be getting to the email for a little while: Shelley is okay but tired and both boys are still not feeling all that well. Daniel was hit worse than Bradley but they'll both be staying home today even though Bradley will likely want to go in.

I'm still tired, partly due to the lack of sleep Monday night and partly from not getting to sleep early enough last night. I am bailing on reality a bit and starting the day with a shopping run; I need less brain power for that and I want to have that out of the way in case I end up with this.

More later...


Ya' gotta' love it when a plan comes together.. Yep, I did the corporate shopping yesterday just in case. ...and came home in time to hear Shelley say, "Dinner just isn't going to happen!" That was at 1700; by 1730, she was running a full emulation program of the other night.

Hokay... That means she didn't have it on Monday like we thought. Great. Time to set up the bucket brigade and activate Mr. Mom mode. Done. Kids fed and in bed; wife as comfortable as she can be under the circumstances; and time to contemplate certain inevitabilites...

Time stamp 0000: Hmmm... this may be a fever. 0030: Yep and chills. ...and some absolutely great jackhammer shakes until 0330. 0331: No, I didn't throw up. ...didn't need to <g>.

Today, we're both dehydrated as all get out. ...and I'm sore from shaking. But it looks like the worst has passed. Both boys made it to school and we're going to try napping.

Glad you weren't here...


No way to make it into work today... That's if the history from the kids means anything. Shelley and I will likely still have fevers and won't be tempted to stray too far from the house.

No matter... We managed to get the guys off to school yesterday; rest as best we could; recover the kidlets back to the mothership and not push things too much. I handled voice mail from the office late in the evening and emailed in a request for information that will allow me to deal with more of it today.

I think it's time to take it easy...


Hey, it's raining again! Cool... That will keep me from blading. No, not because I'm lazy; rather, as a preventative thing: If I went out today, I'd likely end up splatting on some asphalt. ...and it looks like I could use the weekend to get better. Shelley and I made it out to the store yesterday, but that was about it. ...and it's not like there aren't things to do here!

...like sign the tax stuff and get it out of here. ...and work on two sites that need an update. Man, I got all hung up on a javascript thing last night... You know how sometimes you cut and paste and use it 'cause it Just Works? ...and you leave it and keep using it 'cause you don't have time to play with it? ..and you maybe learn something in the meantime and you look at the code and wonder, "What was I thinking???"

Yeah, like that. I ended up tearing down one section of the church's kid's site and rebuilding it. ...and then putting the old stuff back for the moment because I really need to redo the entire thing as a whole. In the meantime the information for the Easter kids events and the skate night and all that will go up in the new format since they can be stand alone popups. Ah, well; it's another piton hammered in on the learning curve...

Catch you later...


Another day of rest... Yep, that's Shelley's and my prescription for today. So, it's off to the movies in a bit to see Ice Age. Somehow, that seems like a good idea <g>.

...and it will be back to the grind in the morning. ...and somehow that seems like a good idea, considering the alternative is staying home with the 'bored brothers' during Easter vacation.

With that, I'll catch you Monday...

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