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Hmmm... Not much here this morning; I got hung up on a project and lost track of time. Heh. Big surprise there, -eh?

I did make some headway on the library; not as much as I'd have liked, but enough to break through some in one area. ...and that helps immensely. ...and I ended up spending some time with that recalcitrant soccer program on Shelley's machine. That one will end up as a help desk call this morning; there's something going on with the databases (Foxpro) that's locking the program. ...and I haven't worked with that system in a while.

...and it's a short week this week: we're off to Sacramento this weekend to meet some relatives of Shelley's from Arkansas; maybe we can talk her into posting something about them...

In the meantime, it was an interesting weekend on the blog...


Good morning. For the techies out there, I thought I'd share an email from our head geek:

Here is an example of why a Microsoft Certification is a waste of time:

I am setting up the new servers and I need to install Exchange 5.5 in order to use my upgrade to exchange 2000. Various pieces of networking software communicate based on LDAP port numbers...basically TCP-IP. To make things fun, Microsoft reused port numbers in 2000 components which were used by Exchange 5.5. SO, to get it working without errors, you simply change the port number field to a different number and everyone is happy. I changed one and its cool... Now I found another, the Exchange LDAP SSL port number needs to change....hmmm how do we do on.

Start the Microsoft Exchange Server Administrator program in raw mode by typing the following at a command prompt: c:\exchsrvr\bin\admin /r
Select the Protocols container of the Site or Server which depends on the scope of this setting.

Select the LDAP component.

On the File menu, click Raw Properties.
In the List Attributes of the Type drop-down box, select All.
In the Object Attributes list, scroll down to, and select the Incoming-Msg-Size-Limit attribute.
In the Edit Value text box, type the port you want to use.

It actually worked, changing the Incoming-Msg-Size-Limit changes the LDAP port. Well, obviously.


Ya' know, it doesn't get much better than that <g>!

Remembering 09/11/01


Man, I had to wait until way late to blade last night. The 107 when I got home put me back a bit. So 99F at 1930 seemed much better.

...and we hardly ever bother with the heat index here; but for some reason they're on it for today and tomorrow. I mean, 110 is just flat hot; saying it "feels like" 115 just doesn't do much more for me at all.

Lots happening, I'll catch you later...


Well, it was hot. ...and more so today. The difference is that we have some humidity with this heat and we're not used to that. When I got out of the pool there wasn't any cooling effect at all. ...and the concrete was still damp from when the kids had been in hours ago. Sheesh.

It's the last work day of the week for me; so I'd better get at it. I have a couple of Gotta' Do projects to get done and some additional workload since our courier is off today.

Catch you elsewhere...


A day off. Yeah. Well, maybe. We're traveling several hours up the Great Central Valley of California to for a mini-reunion. Some of Shelley's relatives from Arkansas are in Sacramento on a business trip, so Shelley's dad is gathering the family up and meeting them there for a day or two. I'd say, "Cool" except that we're still in the same valley and the temperatures are still right up there. Well, we'll take Shelley's vest and just try to stay inside...

...which is what I did until close to sundown last night; I'd lasted an entire day without blading; and, looking at the prospects of not being able to for another few days, I just went for it last night. ...and it was a fine ride! Yeah, hot; but only 102 and it cooled to 100 while I was out. I did spend an extended time in the pool afterward working on dropping my core temp. ...but even that took some time since the water is in the eighties!

Hey, have a good one and I'll catch you in a few days...


What he said...

Attitude everywhere...
Catch you tomorrow...


Back home safely. Well, other than not sleeping enough and eating too much of the wrong stuff<g>! ...but that's a vacation for you!

Now it's time to prehydrate, blade, cool off and get my tail in gear on a photo project I'm a part of. Details on the blog very late tonight.

I hope you had a fun weekend also!

Thanks for visiting!
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