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Wow, what a Sunday... The boys hit the beach without us for a change and started in on the first "crater" of the season. Here's a later shot, after working on and off between boogie boarding sessions:

Click for larger images

...and boogie boarding we did! We spent hours in the water! ...but it was time well spent: the tide tables were telling me Sunday may have been our best shot at a good incoming tide this week. So we alternated crater work and seal watching (they come up to check out the boarders).

...and we stayed out until dusk. That may have been a bit much for the guys; dinner wasn't until 2130 <g>...

More pics tomorrow maybe...


Yeah, Sunday turned out okay for the kids <g>...

It doesn't get much better than this!

...and Monday was a challenge getting out of bed for this guy! Man, I haven't been in the ocean for a year. ...and it showed! I tumbled a few times Sunday; and at one point I had to ask Daniel what happened. He replied, "Dad, it was sooo cool; you were right in the middle of that wave the whole way in!"

So, when Monday dawned cool and clear, I figured it would be a good day to stay inside and read. That lasted until the sun came out around 1600. <sigh> Off to the water in spite of the wind... That was good for about an hour until the hypothermia started setting in. But I caught enough good waves to make it worthwhile. least I thought so, until I tried to haul myself out of one of the easy chairs to post. Good grief. "Shelley, call for a crane!"

Maybe Shelley's idea of hitting the movies today is a good one...

Remembering 09/11/01


It should be a day out today; the plan is to head into the big city and see a movie. It may depend on the weather: yesterday, Shelley and the boys went into Morro Bay and found it a little too hot for their liking. In the meantime, it was warm but windy here at the condo.

Ah well, I guess it doesn't matter how we relax <g>...


We did manage to get out and see Stuart Little 2 yesterday; it was a nice diversion. ...and then back in time for dinner on the waterfront. ...and then some boogie boarding.

...and we did spend some time in the morning walking on the beach and taking pictures; one made it to the blog as a response to another post. I think the others will have to wait until we get home and I can get to a decent monitor; macro shots likely won't show well enough here to see if they are fit to post.



The last day... Well, not of vacation: we're not doing our usual 'hang on until the last minute' routine; this time we're heading home Saturday to give me some transition time from vacation to work. In years past, we've jammed things up to the limit and I've ended up heading into work about eight hours after we got in. Upon review, we've decided to change the plan...

...and the ocean changed its plans yesterday and served up some great waves for us. Actually, they were a little too great: several times I looked a lot like something you'd see in the window of a front loading washing machine! Talk about a different pattern to decipher! It took a bit, but we got some nice rides out of the day. ...and some sunburn for Brad and me!

Here's hoping for fog today!


Travel day...

No schedule available...

None needed.

None wanted.

Diversion here, if you are so inclined...


Home. ...and Shelley's idea of having us home a day early is paying off: we cleaned and prepped to leave without being in a rush and managed to get home before dusk. ...and since the guys slept most of the way home, last night's bedtime was way late for everyone.

So, a day of rest seems most appropriate...

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