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I'm actually looking forward to work today. ...just to be able to relax! Saturday I leveled off an eighteen by six foot area to put a pair of storage sheds on (one now, one future). Yeah, simple enough; except that area had been the dumping ground for the excess soil from various projects over the last several years. Oh, did I mention we have clay soil here? Yeah, hard and compacted and sunbaked. ...about a half a ton or better. ...all to be broken up and leveled off. Thank goodness there was some area that needed fill...

...and it only took two trys on the shed! Round one was almost complete when I realized the doors wouldn't close. Great. Not as level as I thought. Take it apart, relevel and put it back together. Sheesh. ...and at that had to call it a day. I'd been cleaning in the garage earlier, but I just said the heck with it. That was a lot of dirt!

...and I got another clue Sunday when I went blading after church: no energy! No reserves. No nothing... Bleah. Done in like a big dog in the sun. I ended up ratcheting back the day and tried to take it easy. Which I more or less did until it was time to cut up the cardboard boxes the shed had been packaged in. Sheesh...

Maybe a nice quiet Costco run loading case lots...


Well, that was your basic long day at work. I think I need to keep the tasks throttled back for another week or two; too much hammer time going on. I came home and fell asleep from 1700-->2000. ...and went back to bed at 2200. Maybe that will help.


Remembering 09/11/01


Well, not if kats and kids are up at all hours <g>... It did get me to work early though. ...and I did make a dent in the boxes in my office. The sad thing is that some of it just needs to come home. ..and that's another can of worms.

...and tonight's another all-nighter: Daniel took Door #3 with the cash behind it instead of Door #2 and a LazerQuest party; but somehow he's still ending up with two friends here for a sleepover. I don't know if I should even think about wandering in to work tomorrow. Maybe just turning over would be a better idea.



Okay, maybe today is the last day of the work week for me... I was contemplating taking today off since Daniel had a sleepover party last night and I figured my sleep would be compromised to say the least. ...but the sudden decision to TP a house used up a bunch of energy and they faded pretty quickly after that! Of course, that grand plan fell apart when Brad called for pickup from the house where he was supposed to be spending the night. 2345 <g>!

...and I need at least one more day to finish round one of cleaning my office: I took care of about half of the boxes from the old site earlier in the week; yesterday I stayed late and finished all but three. Today, I should be able to finish up the last three and maybe even get the books and catalogs on my book shelf in some sort of order. ...and then all that's left will be the desk and the immediate environs.

Gee and then I can spend the next few days cleaning and sorting at home!


Home today. ...or at least that's the plan. Partly for detox, partly to get some things done, partly to have some family time before school starts on Monday.

Catch you elsewhere...


...and yesterday turned out to be a good day to have off. I didn't realize how hammered I'd been both at work and at home until almost midnight...

I didn't make as much forward progress as I'd like, but I made all sorts of lateral progress, if there is such a thing. Hmmm... Actually, there is, at least in this case: there are so many subprojects within the major one that getting anything at all done is worthwhile. putting together a computer hutch for the kitchen: it needed to get done sooner or later! 'Course, that has spawned off at least three other sub-plots that need to be resolved at some point <g>.

Onward, ever onward!


That grinding noise you were hearing Friday night and much of Saturday was paradigms shifting. ...and without a clutch! Yeah... Whoohoo. What fun <g>!

It started out simply enough, Shelley went out and picked up a computer cart for the kitchen. I'd found one or two that would be able to hold what I'd like to have available and the football game was a good enough excuse to put it together. Hmmm... Maybe over here, dear?

Yep, a wall change. Okay by me; with the interior wall, I at least have a chance to drop some wiring directly to the cart. Only, where will the desk go? Ah, back to the bedroom. Cool. But where will the TV stand go? Ah, to a yard sale. Okay...

...and while we're at it, how about these boxes? ...and the one's I've been hauling to storage for a yard sale? Okay, maybe my sister will be having one soon. Hey, how about this? Yard sale... Okay, how about that attic stuff? I have that coffee table with the glass top up there; you know, the one we packed away about the time Daniel started toddling? Yard sale... Are you picking up on the trend here yet?

Yeah, we're having a yard sale next Saturday.

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