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Off to work already? Nah, I don't wanna'!!! I mean, we lost a bunch of the weekend to the little black buglets again. Man, I tell you: I'd just like to get up one day or have one dinner where they didn't pop up from somewhere!

I did get some more library work done, not as much as I'd like, what with the interruptions for soccer and ants, but enough to allow me to start mapping out a plan for the back half of the room. Those bookcases are ready to come down as soon as a few more things are moved. ...and I think I now have room for those things in the attic; so hopefully, homework will be light this week and I can finish clearing that one corner.

...and I'm close to being able to take Wolf down: that system in the kitchen looks like it can handle things well enough for the Windows side of the street (most of the galleries I put together this weekend were done on that machine). I think I'll throw a distro on one of the pen-tablets and see how it takes to wireless. That would give me a non-Windows email solution out there and maybe allow me to take Tux down...

One piece at a time...


Ah, October... This is one month I can usually enjoy just for the heck of it. I can blade when I get home from work or before sunset because the two aren't one and the same as they'll be next month (and the temperature doesn't force things). Outdoor garden work is mediated by the mellow temperatures (the high seventies this week) and the shorter days. ...and the County Fair is happening, bringing back memories of our official 'first date' back in 1983.

Yeah, it could be a good month...


Hmmm... I had all sorts of things planned for last night. ...but I ended up going to bed and reading. I think one too many late nights and ten or so too many ant-filled mornings got to me. Enough was enough. Time to kick it a little.

Let's see... What to fill with... Well. If you are into pics and you don't get by the blog very much, I'm starting to centralize some of the last year or so's worth of stuff in one place:

Fixed Focus, the TimeSink galleries

Now to head in early and off to Costco and points N-E-S-W. 'Cause I have a submission to another site I want to work on this evening. ...and that can only come after I get some more cleaning done!



Whew... I am definitely glad tomorrow is Friday. I never even made it back this way last night, and tonight's looking no better. Tired, a bit burnt out. I think maybe some rest is needed.

I did get some artsy stuff done last night, and I'm about to head that way once again. ...but man, I'm hoping it will be a low key night around here so I can get to bed early.



Ah, the end of another week. ...and a new skill set under development. Cool. I hope you've had a productive one also.

I've been a little too busy to spend much time here; hopefully that will improve next week. Things are progressing on the cleanup front. ...and the workstation in the kitchen will definitely work out. It's time to continue with the next stage of both...

Maybe this weekend...


It's mornings like this that are going to cost me money... WT? Well, I was up a little late last night learning about how IkonBoards work and how to skin one. ...but I got up early enough to be out and blading before the sun was over the yardarm. ...and came back from a nice workout wanting to just jump in the pool and swim around underwater for a while to unwind the muscles. One little problem: the water temp is way too cold to be doing things like that.


It would appear Shelley's thoughts about putting some sort of solar heating system in place will need some more research on my part. With all the sun we have, the pool season here can certainly be extended another month or two...

Sounds like another project...


So today may turn out to be a bit of a restful day... I mean, I had so much energy yesterday (nap and caffeine assisted) that I ended up blading again in the evening. That, after the usual Saturday morning twirlabout.

So, yeah, even with the late night Friday, I was still going strong at mid day and had four bookcases cleared and hauled over to storage. A brief nap in the chair after lunch and I took care of the other two. Cool, now to finish sorting through the computer parts for the save vs yard sale bit. ...and now that I have some space to work with, I'll be able to get to the bench. ...and there's attic room for the parts that are staying!

But that's maybe evenings this week; today's a geek day. Maybe...

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