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Well, here in the states, this is the last full week of work for the month. Yep, next week holds not only Turkey Day but National Women's Shopping Day! Oh, yeah, the Optimist will be gone before the sun is over the hills. ...and I'll be busy with the Christmas decoration routine.

Every year I say I'm going to cut back and every year I put them up... Ah well, at least this year's trip to get a tree only involves a jaunt to the storage shed <g>! I'll be most interested to see exactly what it is I'm setting up this year (Shelley won't let me go check it out at the store for fear I'll see a price tag...).

...and on the geek front, I decided to expand my knowledge of Moveable Type a bit; over the weekend I took an absolutely stock install and started modifying it from the ground up rather than just dump in a prefab template. I want to know what each chunk of stock code does since I'm getting more involved with support issues with this program. ...and then there's the new site I'm being bribed with cookies to design.

Besides, you cannot really abuse a system until you know it...


"If I can go into Fry's and find it on special, it's an industry standard; if it's under $150, it's a pervasive industry standard..."

Richard Stone, Manager for Enterprise Mobility Solutions, Hewlett-Packard America, speaking a few weeks back regarding the invasion of wireless handhelds and 802.11b into the corporate setting. ...whether IT is ready or not (full article).

Under the weather; geek stuff for the moment...


I thought Commodore went under??? No?

One solution to tight space...

Nah, but if you're dealing with a space issue like we've run across in our supply room, this might be a good solution in the sub-$500 dollar range (more with that CDROM). ...and not bad specs at that price either.

Catch you later...


"Shhh... Be vewwy, vewwy, qwiet... That sneaky pengwin has done it again..." Yeah, this time at Fed Ex.

Yep, there's been a server space invasion. It seems they were running some Java aps as front ends on IIS servers. ...but since June they've been running those on Red Hat 7.2 and 7.3 servers (full story).

Catch you later...


Well, the body count today stands at three: I officially have Shelley's cold and not the kinder, gentler version I thought I had; Daniel's down with stomach bug that's taken out half his class; and yesterday Brad ended up at the vet to find out why he was looking so peaked after school and what those funny white spots in his throat were... Oh, yeah, it's been one swell week <g>...

...and why do I have the suspicion that as soon as I turn that last corner toward home I'm going to see Shelley ready to blast off in the MommyVan? I'm betting after a day trapped at home with two sick kidlets, she's about had it <g>.

My turn...


So... Daniel is better; Bradley is better; and I finally got some sleep. Well, more or less: Shelley says she could hear my snoring (I was sleeping on the couch bed) clear back in the back bedroom where she was. ...and I knew I hadn't slept well. So when she got up this morning, I headed back there to try for some true rest. ...and woke up at 1300. Whoo...

Yeah, I must be tired... So I'm watching the local team on the tube and sucking down the last of a near-perfect home-made peppermint white mocha...

...and I think we'll just leave it at that.


Two steps forward and one step back? Maybe... Daniel is still good to go, but Brad is down hard with a fever and congestion. ...and I made it back up before noon (I did the bed transfer trick again this morning) and with enough time to get some coffee made before I felt like laying back down <g>.

So it sounds like a male-bonding day for Brad and me: Daniel's off to a friend's house until nightfall day and Shelley's escaping into the ShoppingZone once again; that leaves Brad and me and the Green Bay game. ...and that's not such a bad deal!

Catch you next week!

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