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Let's see... Somehow this morning, we have to get my mom to an appointment at one hospital, Shelley to an appointment at another, me to an MD appointment and the kids cared for while the rest of the insanity plays itself out...

Yeah, must be Monday...


Okay, so I'm a minimalist much of the time anyway <g>. Well, yeah, but since I don't have a brain when I'm not feeling well, maybe it's for the best that I'm not trying to move the server and those other machines...

On the medical front, we're now talking seven days of Zithromax, Robitussin AC (not a lot of fun), Vioxx (wrist), prescription level amounts of pseudopedrine, and enough water to even give me pause (and I drink a lot each day. ...but last night, I felt slightly like I might care about living and that was a good sign.

Now to hope for an early release today!


Hey! Happy 2003! Yeah, another year bites the dust (cue Queen...)

...and yeah, better enough to try blading yesterday since we did get released early. ...probably not my brightest move, but enough to tell me about how various body systems are working, or rather, recovering <g>.

...but when I came back I had an idea about server relocation that should buy me some time while I reconfigure things. If I back pull the telco from the library into the garage, I may only have to extend one cat five run through the attic. least for the time being. Cool. ...'cause I lost some time here that I'd really like to have back.

...but today is Take the Lights Down Day!


...and part II of The Other Short Week begins. Coolness abounds. Let's see... Yeah, the outside lights are down and up in the attic (although not put away up there just yet); my portion of the inside stuff is down; Shelley's started on the tree and has demolished one village (cue villagers with pitchforks and fiery brands marching on the castle); and young Master Brad proved his worth as a helper to both of us yesterday (Master Daniel was a) recovering from, b) enroute to, another sleepover).

...and nothing much was accomplished regarding networking; but reviewing things as I was hauling a couple of thousand lights out of trees and off eaves, still makes me think things will work. I'm a bit concerned about the wireless segment, but there's not all that much more distance involved. In any case, and with any luck, I'll find out this weekend...

...which is now only a day or two away!


Whew. ...and Friday was a capper to the week. 'Sokay though, I managed to get home in time to blade <g>

...and I did a little site work today, first a little fixit for someone's site, and later, a continuation of some development work. So that worked out okay also.

...but now it's time to kick back and relax a little.


You'd think I'd learn... No, the belated New Year's Eve party turned out okay; I'm talking about my ability to still wander into situations where I know better, but still go along with the program...

Case in point: one of The Girls Who TP Houses had been feeling a little left out since she'd been missed on the last round. So Shelley had agreed with one of the other moms that they'd take care of the problem whenever the planets were in alignment again (or some such; I do know that the coordination efforts were similar to activating a light brigade). ...and tonight was the night. Cool. Yes, extremely. Cool air after the rain means fog. Tule fog. ...on the deck fog. Low visibility fog. Fog I didn't think was safe for Shelley to drive eight miles out into the rural to deal with fog...

Yeah, I drove 'em...



...and some days it pays off to hang around the house and read the paper and putter while watching a playoff game on TV. I mean, come on: 38/14 and it ends up 38/39? That's just great (depending where your loyalties lie).

Heck, even Shelley was glued to the tube...

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