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Well, the move was delayed yesterday by just enough good football to keep me distracted for a while. ...but then things went along well enough for me to make things formal by moving that picture. Shelley really, really, really wouldn't tolerate it in the kitchen area, so it's moved from the library to the garage. That and the quote from Clark have been with me since I set up my first computer workstation way back when...

...and yeah, then router, small hub, access point and server have a new home in the garage. least for the time being: the router won't handle the summer heat out there, so it'll either be replaced or moved to Shelley's workstation area. Ummm. Yeah, she still needs that Cat5 run extended; that's what didn't happen Sunday. That, and wiring cleanup...

Ah, well; that's what evenings are for...


There's a discussion going on over at dangerousmeta... I mentioned it yesterday on the blog and it's taken off a little bit more. If you have any interest in GenX non-apathy, the protest movement of the Vietnam era, or opinions on politics today as presented by several GenXers (Dave's now in the loop) and two boomers (one being me), have a look.

...but that's only half the fun. The other half came up when I suggested linking the discussion up to the RSS news feeds for those using aggregators. ...and pinging the Weblogs RPC for those who use blogrolling and similar services. Ummm... Remember that adage about not bringing a problem to the table unless you have a solution. Yeah, well...

Okay, so garret's place (he's a "lower-caser", and runs one of the best daily link farms around) is a Zope site. ...and the rss feed would have to be a hand-cobbled job if we wanted it now. Hmmmm. Okay, deal; I want to play with one for the blog anyway, so off I went to learn and do. ..and test. ...and test. ...and test <g>! ...seems I forgot to close a tag. Man...

But I got it. ...and a bit of an education on the way. Coolness abounds! If you're interested, the button on the top links to the XML feed (right click to copy it to your news feed). ...and if you happen to be running Amphetadesk, the one on the bottom will automagically add the feed to your subscription list.

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So far it's tested out with, Radio, Blogrolling, FeedReader, and Amphetadesk under the listed feed and the title counterpoint: generationX. If anyone links with any other services, I'd be interesting in hearing about them.

Such geekery...


Hmmm... Added in Radio as an clickable icon over at the discussion. ...might as well have it here also:

Automatically subscribe to this discussion in Radio UserLand.

...and long time Daynotes reader John Vogt sent in some comments that are posted over there. Cool. If you have anything to add to the discussion, feel free to send it to me or to garret.



Long day... I haven't even caught up with my daily internet reading. ...and it's bedtime!

Perhaps tomorrow...


Cool... This week is over! ...and I am soooo glad. Time to go home and relax a bit, especially since there are Things To Do over the three day weekend.

...and it would be a great night to blade, but the fog came back in last night and the roads are soaked. Yeah, it's that type of fog (think rain in Seattle<g>; hi, Matt and Keri!). Daniel found out about it for the first time last night when we went out to feed the outside cats. He was curious that he could actually feel the fog. ...and when I showed him how to shield the security light with his hands and watch the fog swirl about in the beam, he was all sorts of impressed.

...but I need to change out my wheels and bearings anyway. I put a set on last week that were just dreck. Talk about "uphill, upwind, in the snow, both ways"... That takes all the fun out of it. I suspect it's a combo of a softer wheel than I like (that will be good for the rinks when we go) and some bearings that aren't what they say they are. No matter; they're both coming off and a brand I trust is going back on. ...and with 80mm wheels too! That'll be interesting; I haven't used anything larger than 76mm!



Kickin' it today. least for the morning.I was up a bit later than planned; and while I'd like to blame it on web work ('cause I was, really!) it really had to do with Daniel having a friend overnight and them watching TV past the usually cutoff and "Samurai Jack" being really good <g>!

Heh. I slept in for the first time in forever. ...and I'm just now getting started on the day. ...and I think the first order of business will be to mount up those new wheels and bearings in case the roads dry off later.

Yeah, good plan...


Under the category of "What's good for the goose..."

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Yep, the TimeSink now has an rss feed. I'm not really sure how useful it will be; but hey, why not? It's geeky enough. ...and I'm feeding it updates from both these pages and the blog. ...and anything else I keep under the TimeSink umbrella.

It's not a huge undertaking. ...and since I hand code anyway, I figured what the heck.

Have a good Sunday!

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