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Feh, that storm broke up while it was still twenty miles to the west... Ah, well, there may be more coming this way in the next week or two. ...and those first two did drop some snow in the higher elevations. ...but I still don't think we're at normal levels.

...and normal isn't the word for my throat as of last night. I'm putting it off to being out in the wind or to the dust Brad and I stirred up while cleaning. I sure don't want it to be what Shelley had!

...a quiet weekend overall. A bunch of things didn't get done, but we weren't in the mood to try to continue the rat race of the previous week. This week is looking to be full once again, so we'll just have to see how it goes. I did pick up a motherboard for Brad's machine and I started to gather up the other parts that box will need; maybe I'll get started on it. I also figured out the upgrade path I want to use for Shelley's machine; now I can start watching the sales for her HDD and such. To do, to do, to do...

Here's to a Happy St. Patrick's Day Monday to you and yours!


Well, it wasn't just the dust from our cleaning! I woke up to a fever and chills Monday morning. So, I went back to sleep. ...and woke up to a sore throat. So, I went back to sleep. ...and woke up to a wind storm. ...and stayed up.

The day was like molasses <g>, but you should have seen me trying to go through Daniel's homework. Yeah, hilarious: math and language. ...but we got through it. ..and today's another day.

So we'll see how work goes...


Still not well. I think I overextending myself at work; we'll know about that in the morning when I wake up and see how I feel.

I spent the evening putting together a piece for the blog.

Catch you later...


Yep, over did it! ...but the cough syrup let me sleep better. ...and I didn't wake Shelley up! We'll call it a draw at this point.

Let's hold off until tomorrow...


Heh, it may not be any sort of record, but a piece of spam made it through Worldnet's BrightMail filter about an hour ago with the title of "Shock and Awe". Sheesh, talk about timely...

...and I'm home today. No sleep last night... The decongestant is taking away the pressure in my ears, but the drainage is making me cough way too much. ...except when the cough syrup knocks me out. But I have to wake up sooner or later. Work didn't seem to be much of an option...

...neither does food right now; I just tried to eat something, but even one of my killer omelets was unappetizing. So... What to do? I did clean one chunk of carpet and the dishes are all clean. Those can both be done while coughing <g>. I think maybe I'll move Daniel's computer into his room. ...and then see if I can concentrate enough to work on the second part of that 'walk' piece over on the blog...

Take care out there...


Still down and out. ...slept much of the day. Well, that was necessary since I didn't sleep much last night. I probably should read a book or two since I usually get double duty out of books I read when I'm ill: I don't remember what I read when I'm sick, so it's always a surprise when I pick up one of those books to re-read at a later date <g>!

I think I'll see if a sunset shot came out okay...


I'm a little better today. Critical thinking is still impaired, but I at least managed to focus long enough to read the newspaper. ...but sleep is still elusive, even under the meds, so I think another day is called for before I attempt to return to work. Not to mention the productive cough...

Obviously nothing has been accomplished on the geek front... Well, I did handle one support issue (a nice slow softball from a b2 user), answered one email from a gentleman who reminded me of exactly how far behind I am on the Master Plan <g>, and completed a survey on "Hyperlinking in Blogs" a student is working into a research project.

Here's hoping for a mellow night...

The Conjuror
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"Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic."
Arthur C. Clarke, "Technology and the Future"

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