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...and it's on to Easter Break! Okay, call me a traditionalist, but I really, really don't think the powers that be over in Vatican City check in with the school districts to see when Spring Break is scheduled before they set the Easter season. Nope. Not at all...

...although I am quite sure the mothers in this area would prefer that someone checked into exactly when they would have preferred the rain to show up. Unless I am totally disconnected from reality, this week would not be at the top of the list. ...although the light on and off events we've been having aren't too bad; at least the kids can get out and play a little between the rain bands.

...and playing is something I've been doing in the evenings until way too late <g>. I spent Friday night tracking down an obscure problem with site comments in a Moveable Type site and finally diagnosed it to be a javascript plugin that wasn't playing nice with the site's CSS. I still have one site redesign that I've barely started, but the new site I mentioned is coming along quite nicely. This one is a design for a artist, if you can believe that! Yeah, what was I thinking <g>? ...but you know what? There is a very nice synergy going on that is turning into a very nice learning experience. I like to stretch things a bit. ...and color outside the lines. Heh. Yeah, there's a little bit of that going on.

Well, it's a normal work week for me...


Sheesh, I'm just getting on line. time to say it's been a busy day and I'll check in tomorrow. ...but I know myself better than that, so I suppose in a few I'll go dig up one of the pics I took this evening when I went walking to cool off after blading and post it on the blog. Yeah, what the heck <g>.

...and Shelley has a joke up for you!


Hey, it's Easter Vacation (excuse, me; I meant "Spring Break"); shouldn't I be catching some sort of break at the office too? ...especially with some of the overhead gone? Oh, yeah, that's right: I'm just hammered catching up with all the stuff I'm behind on since the last two whirlwinds hit... 'Sokay, I do manage a break now and then...

...but I've been as busy at home, mostly with web work. That development site is rolling right along and today a hosting friend and I got our ducks back in a row from when they got scattered during a server change. It's actually a hilarious comedy of errors, but I don't think I'll tell the tale just yet. ...especially since I added to it last night. Ah well, another control panel to learn. ...but I should be back handling some user support more directly now.

...and for those who stop by for the tech stuff? Well, that's on hold for a bit while I sort some site issues out. ...not that there's not stuff to do here!! Oh, no. There's plenty. I mean, when you consider the phone line comes in to the dialup router in the garage and from there to that hub and off to the hardwired segment to the server and Shelley and such, but also to the access point on the wall that feeds the wireless NIC in the Win2k box in the kitchen that feeds the workstation hub through the Cat5 NIC and the Linux box picks up the mail and such from the very end of that supply chain? Yeah, some room for improvement there <g>...

...but not last night!


One of those "should have stayed in bed" days? Maybe... It certainly seemed that way as work bogged down into soggy morass for a while <g>. ...but I kept thinking about how the weather didn't seem like it much cared what the forecasters thought and maybe I'd be able to blade this evening. ...and when I called Shelley a little before I headed home and asked if it was raining, she thought I'd lost it. "No, it's clear here; what are you talking about?"

Well, about that time on my little part of the planet (about fifteen miles or so from home), we were experiencing a downpour. Okay... No rain out there; plenty here; the storm is headed which way? Hmmm... Maybe southeast? Oh, we both know better, don't we?

Yeah, I ran across it on the way home. It was sweeping northeast with me! Shelley said it must have been just like a black cloud over my head the entire trip home. Oh, yeah, that improved my already moody mood! Not! So I said to heck with it all and wandered out for a walk around the neighborhood as soon as the rain slacked up a bit. That worked out okay, although I ended up under the canopies of redwood trees as several showers moved through...



Yeah, long day, long week, long evening, late to bed. ...nice evening though. I did a little web work to continue the flow on the site in development, restarted work on a redo I've had promised for a while, lined out some work to do for me and spent a major portion of the evening working with Brad on his first gazillion piece jigsaw puzzle.

...and now it's time for some rest. Oh no, not sleep: R&R with some writing and such. One must utilize one's time wisely, -neh?

Catch you later "today"...


...and it's a slow, late start to the day! Hmmm... Maybe a nap is in order? Nah, not quite yet... I did stay up way too late last night working on some projects (both scheduled and unscheduled: Thanks again to Gary Berg!!!). ...but things more or less jelled around 2 and I was in bed by three <g>...

Today does have a bit of a full schedule, but I think I'll head out and blade for a bit. ...and maybe wander around for a picture or two. I'll have plenty of time to work on things this evening when we get the two extra kids from our "date night" partners: they'll be making noise inside and I'll be outside where it's quiet...

...and an administrative note: the domains are now locked down as far as the images go. I run the site under a Creative Commons License, and the loose one at that: asking permission to use a shot is cool and will usually get clearance. Using something without permission is just tacky, but hey, some people are like that. ...but stealing bandwidth is just that, "theft" and I won't allow it.

Yeah, well... I did toy with putting up a generic "bandwidth thief" graphic that would show up on those sites, but I think I'll just leave that alone for the moment.

Off to blade...


Up late to post, early to play Easter bunny, make coffee, and head off to the store...

In the meantime...

Easter morn...

Have a nice Easter!

The Conjuror
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"Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic."
Arthur C. Clarke, "Technology and the Future"

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