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Memorial Day, 2003. The picture was shot at Calvary Cemetery, Fresno, California.

O beautiful for heroes prov'd
In liberating strife,
Who more than self their country loved,
And mercy more than life.


Yesterday, I reran the ribs program, but I cut out the lines involving the steak rub. I also dropped the CPU clock speed by about a third. Yeah, that made the program take a little longer to run; but with the refill loops being shorter, nothing seemed to overload.

...and I added one 'while' instruction right at the end to let some sauce get into the flavor mix; that seemed to work well enough at the slower clock speed. All in all the end users seemed to be pleased enough with the output. least it seemed that way as they turned it into input!


Well, I managed to get a great sunburn out of Monday's Labor Memorial Day (thanks, Ken!) work schedule. Even though I planned to take it easy, I still ended up working a bit too much out in the sun. 'Sokay, I even have pics of the one tree I trimmed over on the blog. Yep, they're right there under the pic of the plant I found growing ten feet in the air <g>!

...and I did get a list made. ...but the problem is going to be getting to the list! Shelley has the next several weeks lined out and I'm not sure there's time for a deep breath in the middle of any of it!

Maybe if I don't exhale...


No post; out of town...


I'm back from 'camp'! Yeah, for the last three days I've been out of town with Daniel at a 'mountain learning center' in California's Gold Country. Life's been a bit full at best, especially since I was acting as a camp counselor during the entire process. ...and let's face it, child interaction is not something listed high on my resume <g>!

...and for those with "Don't worry; everything will be fine!", I'll have to find time to tell you all about the 0030 phone call from home on the first night! Nah, it all turned out okay, but it's very comforting to have nice neighbors...

...but first, I have some unpacking to do!


One thing that climbing mountainsides for a few days does for you is improve your conditioning <g>! This morning I knew I needed to get out and blade in the worst way; my calf muscles were locking up and I figured I'd better get out there and get them stretched out some. ...and that worked out well enough; I was able to get warmed up okay and then do my toe touch stretches every half mile or so...

...what I didn't expect was to take nearly an extra mile to get my heart monitor to come off the lower alarm setting! Yeah, I knew I had enough coffee on board to probably peg things, but it just wasn't happening. ...and then when I got to the back side of the route and could let things loose with both my arms and legs, I was expecting to hit the high alarm since I was working at my usual pace, but after several days off. Nope: 150. ...and it just wouldn't go higher.



Well there are certainly stories to tell, but the last 48 hours have been as full as the previous 72 (and the 48 before that).

...and it looks like things are going to have to wait until sometime on Monday.

Sometimes life's a bit full...

The Conjuror
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"Any sufficiently advanced technology is
indistinguishable from magic."
Arthur C. Clarke, "Technology and the Future"

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