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Gah! As we were traveling back from dropping a visiting friend off at his house, Daniel and I saw two places back in our neighborhood all lit up with Christmas lights! I don't mean up to test or some such; this was the real deal. ...bad enough I'm planning on doing it Friday; I just cannot see rushing into this insanity. ...although I did find some new light-up candy canes for this year <g>!

Ah well...


The workday Monday and today could only be described as full. Sheesh. I was hoping for some catchup time and it hasn't happened yet! The good news was the 'bread' in the daily sandwich turned out okay for pictures. The birds in the lower photo on the blog were a bonus. ...and the night shot was from Brad and me out playing on an after dinner walk.

I did manage to leave early enough today to blade before dark. That worked out well. ...and work is only one more day this week! Yeah! My department traded Columbus Day for Thanksgiving Friday. Coolness abounds <g>!

Later; there's work to do here...


Well, darn it, the bad guys are at it again, this time with an exploit to the Moveable Type module that allows someone to email a post to another person. It appears it can also be used as the equivalent of a open relay... Man!

There are a couple of methods proposed to deal with things. I suspect deleting the module might be best; but I spent much of last night just restricting permissions on the sites I support. I'll hold off on anything else until the heavy lifters get done with their wrenches and such...

Another day, another hack...


Happy Thanksgiving! We'll be doing the "over the river and through the woods bit" this afternoon as we link up with Shelley's family for a late lunch/early dinner. Here's hoping for a good day for you and yours!

...and on the tech front, Ben Trott of Moveable Type has spoken:

If you're not using this functionality at all, we recommend that you simply remove mt-send-entry.cgi from your MT directory...

Yep, that's plan A for the places I take care of. If you need the functionality, he has a patch posted at that link...



Well, we made it through Turkey Day without anyone succumbing to Too Much Turkey! ...although I have to say I certainly had too much of the cranberry/orange relish. Man...

Today is our own private Festival of Lights, us and about every fourth house in the neighborhood. I'll be spending way too much time on ladders and with an eighteen foot pole stringing lights and such on the eaves and trees. Wish me luck! ...and yes, Herself is out somewhere amidst the throngs, shopping, shopping, shopping!

Happy Un-Turkey Day!


Is there a short version? Hmmmm... Shelley returned home at 2130 or so, but that was only because the stores were all closed. (...and I'm sure she forgot about the twenty-four hour Walgreen's <g>!) Oh, she did sleep in. maybe until 0700 or some such.

On the home front, we started in a little after 1000 with the Great Attic Empty and finished sometime around 2000. ...and I mean finished <g>! I am so beat it cannot be believed. I'll overview the show in about thirty minutes as night falls, but I'm not doing any further work for the day: that first knee bend to pick up my shoes from the floor let me know just how much my body is not going to cooperate with any more silliness.

...and sleeping in until well after noon is a clue <g>! That and the double-double latte that only awakened me enough to realize how tired I am. Whew. ...but there's a football game on and some apple sage sausage sauteing with a portabellini mushroom that needs some cheese and eggs added in to make a Real Meal!

I'll catch you later...


Another busy day for the elves here at Casa TimeSink. ...and another evening of decorating and homework and getting ready to restart the week. There's much to be told, but no time left to do it in...

Until tomorrow, gang!

The Conjuror
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"Any sufficiently advanced technology is
indistinguishable from magic."
Arthur C. Clarke, "Technology and the Future"

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