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Sunday? Yeah, it turned out okay...

...and hey, go over and wish my writing buddy a Happy Birthday!

Yep, same time every year...


...and this week's winner for applet of choice is a little (212k) gem called "Spacemonger". I stumbled across it today (who knows...) and tried it out on the Win95 box at work. While its designer promotes it as a tool for monitoring the free space on your computer, I found it very handy for finding largish files that can be removed or moved to another drive. ...and since that Win95 box has been up since 1997, well...

So I tried it out on my assistant's Win98 machine. Sure, she had 7gig free, but she also had 2gigs of a Photoshop file that had been hanging around since last April and another gig and a half she didn't need on that machine any more. Not bad at all for a few minutes of work...



Tonight signaled the start of the "Christmas School Events". Oh, yeah! ...but in this case it worked out very well: the choral groups Daniel is involved with are first class and a pleasure to listen to. We have Brad's next week and a soccer awards meeting tomorow...

...and a wind storm with rain is just hammering us right now. Whew. We've only really had one day off from weather since last Thursday or so. ...and I've only had one day of blading in over the same time frame. Ah, well...

Have a good evening...


Please let this week end!!! Sheesh. Homework and jobs and soccer meetings and trying to do things. Shelley's about done in. ...and I am! It's not quite as bad as last week when I took Friday as a 'sanity day', but it's getting close once again <g>!

It's kind of okay though. I think there's only one more meeting this week, and that's on Saturday. ...but if there's much weekend homework, plan on hearing my shout from wherever you are! Heh. Fixated? Not at all. ...much.



Man, what a week... I am past ready for this one to be over. 'Sokay, the weekend may turn out well. Daniel is serving at a luncheon tomorrow, and that means I should be able to sleep in. After he gets home, we'll head out and handle our deliveries to the Angel Tree families on our list. Homework when we get back should take care of the last of the big items on the list...

Okay, that's Plan "A"'; let's see how reality checks in against it <g>... Hopefully I'll be able to get the two villages up this weekend. ...and there's some assorted geekery and cleaning (related) that I really want to get to.

Stay tuned!


Christmas for us means handling deliveries for the Angel Tree ministries. This year we only had a few to delivery, compared to most years when we are out for several hours. This is a time for us to help out a bit and for the boys to see the reality that some lives aren't the same as theirs. ...and a time for Shelley and me to remember what it's like back in the inner city.

The adventure went well; we had a family it took several tries to make contact with, another where you could tell the kid really didn't expect anything at all, and one trip into an area where all of Shelley's and my street skills just kicked in automatically...

Yeah, like that...


Well, the cold is working it's way through the family... We're taking today as a day off from most everything and hoping to have Shelley and Brad in good shape for the week. Daniel is better, and I seem to be either missing it or just walking the edge of it.

I think the only thing locked into the schedule today is finishing a school project for Brad; but with all four of us pooling our resources and talents, we should be able to manage that well enough. Aside from that, some computer cleanup (I still haven't changed out that UPS), there's some general cleanup and maybe I can get to the village scenes that just haven't managed to get put together this year...

Ah, for some free time...

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"Any sufficiently advanced technology is
indistinguishable from magic."
Arthur C. Clarke, "Technology and the Future"

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