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Well, not a whole heck of a lot got accomplished this weekend except for a huge amount of party fun for Daniel. ...and I think I remembered to pay some of the bills last night <g>!

This week we'll try to settle in to more of a routine now that school has shaken out a bit. The biggest change this year is both boys having after school practices to attend four nights a week. That will involve a little more coordination between Shelley and me, especially on the days she's subbing. ...and a little more discipline on the guys' parts to get their homework done so we can check it before their bedtimes.

...and it's getting hot again. We're looking at way past the century mark all week. I'd like to see some of the clouds we had this weekend drop by and stay for a while. ...but the rainy season here often doesn't start until October.

Life in a desert...


Whirlwind report: well, we survived night one of dual sport, dual parent, dual dinner, dual do it all... Whew! Now to see if we can keep it up for the rest of the week.

...and if we could turn down the heat please?


<sigh> I forgot to put my sunscreen up in the windshield yesterday morning...

Leaving work at 1700...

Not exactly "Paradise by the Dashboard Lights..."


I took last night off and just packed it in...

Sometimes that's just needed...


I think we're ready for the weekend. ...and a three-day one is even better. Between the adjustment to the sports schedule at the schools, the adjustment to new teachers' homework assignments, and trying out a new schedule for the nights before Shelley works, I think we've about had it!

The main push this last week has been to shift to the Winter schedule of no TV (and not much fun) and get the homework done as early as possible. I took on a bit more of that this year to allow Shelley to 'finish' her evening and begin her wind down earlier than she did last Spring. So far it appears to have worked, although things fell apart a bit with the Back to School event at Daniel's school last night. Still, I have some hope it will work...

...and a lot of hope the weekend will be mellow!


Well, we made it to the weekend. ...although Daniel has a golf lesson at like 0830 today. You'd think we could plan that one a little bit better...

...but while he and Shelley are off on that project, I think Brad and I will fire up the barbecue and put a bunch of sausage and tri-tip on. The sausage should be done in time for lunch and the tri-tip should make a nice dinner. ...for several days!

...catch you later!

(update-0906) I do things like this just to drive people like Sheila, JHR, and Cecil a little crazy(ier) <g>...

Yeah, like that!

Lunch and dinner...

(update-1241) I'd love to be able to show you what happened to that sausage at lunch time, but things got kinda' hectic. ...and then it was too late <g>.

Ready to go...

Maybe we'll have better luck near dinner...

(update-1837) Since there may still be one person still talking to me <g>...

That's a decent ring...



Here's one for Lisa...

Foreshadowing and flashbacks: the oldest walked in today holding his head and wondering if he was bleeding... It took a moment to figure out that he would survive and to confirm the events (only because we really needed to hear things several times, from Daniel, Brad, and the neighbor kid.) ...and it all came down to a cartoon published in the "Zits" comic strip a few years back:

Jeremy's Mom: "Jeremy, what happened to your head?"

Jeremy: "Hector hit me with a rock."

Jeremy's Mom: "Why did he do that? What were you two doing?"

Jeremy: "Throwing rocks at each other..."

Golf team members really shouldn't play rocks with ex-baseball team members...

Leftovers today...

The Conjuror
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"Any sufficiently advanced technology is
indistinguishable from magic."
Arthur C. Clarke, "Technology and the Future"

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