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Yeah, I jinxed myself with that weather exuberance yesterday... Sure enough, when I got up and looked outside, the clouds had rolled in and the temps were down. Heck, the temps dropped another degree before I even got my coffee made! ...but I said the heck with it and bladed anyway. ...but I did give in to the sweatshirt this time <g>!

What a way to run a weather pattern... Oh, and rain maybe today. ...or fog for sure; the way it was rising from the fields last night when we went to pick up Brad from a friend's was a sign of another shrouded day.

...but at least it's a day off for Shelley and the guys. Yep, the local school district splits the "Presidents' Birthday" holidays rather than doing the four-day weekend like the JC I used to teach for. Two 'threes' instead of one 'four', but hey. ...and while I get to pick up the next one, I'm in the office today. ...and I suspect so is most of corporate America.

...but Happy Kinda' Birthday, anyway, Abe!


Home sick today. Yeah, shakes and sweats...

C-ya tomorrow...


Still down. ...and this isn't one of those where I can try to do very much. I just sit and read or try to sleep and wait for it to go away.

Not my style at all...


Yes, it is getting a bit repetitious here, but that's life. This thing is keeping me from doing much of anything other than trying to sleep it off. ...or read and not move much. I am trying to handle email once a day and get a pic posted when the fever backs off some.

Maybe tomorrow...


...more of the same. Yeah, not much getting done except re-reading books.

Such is life...


Okay, we'll give today a 'better' rating. I don't particularly feel better, but I was able to get out on a photo walk with Brad this morning and that's a very good sign. I also seem to have a bit more brain function and was able to do some archive work on one of the old Surreally sites. ...and I ran across some linkage on controlling the Yahoo Search Engine.

That's probably enough for one day...


I'd like to say today was a day of rest, but it's been more a day of running about. ...on empty.

Time to try to relax a bit...

The Conjuror
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"Any sufficiently advanced technology is
indistinguishable from magic."
Arthur C. Clarke, "Technology and the Future"

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