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Yep, a late start to the week here for me: Sunday evening I sat down in the recliner because I was feeling a bit peaked and ended up waking up an hour or so later. Swell...

...and all I managed to do was post Monday's rose on the blog and head to bed. This morning's wake up didn't go well and by the time I got back from taking Daniel to school I knew I was done for the day. Yeah, I seem to have ended up with what Shelley had last week.

I took Brad to school as early as I could and then came back home and went back to bed. I woke up sometime after noon. ...and all that really entailed was moving from the bedroom to the recliner or the couch; there really didn't seem to be any higher brain functions present, and things have only marginally improved this late in the evening. So far the only winner today has been RunTunTun; he's been happy to see me sit down or lie down so he can curl up on me and nap with me...

I think he's getting his wish again tomorrow...


Yep, Day Two of Happy Kitty Syndrome! Sleep is still the panacea...

Now to get over this...


Goals for this week: recover from being sick enough to be able to contribute at work (unfortunately that means finding a brain somewhere <g>); move the blog to 1024 x 768 (since I finally found the code from where I carefully placed it so I wouldn't lose it); and get re-started on "Places in Stone" since the Galleries and PhotoProse sections of Views give me better forums for the type of work I would like to show.

Now for reality...


Well, the photoblog is now running a 'liquid' design that should allow any browser with a resolution of 800 x 600 or better to see the whole show (thank you, Sheila Rene). I'm targeting the 1024 x 768 crowd as that is definitely the way my stats have moved over the last several months. I'll try to keep things 'short' enough to keep the 600 high people from having to scroll too much, but you can expect wider shots than before. I've also 'back posted' since Monday to the larger format.

Yes, I'm feeling somewhat better, and I survived work yesterday. Thank goodness for routine stuff that can keep me occupied and that it wasn't a heavy shopping week; my body just couldn't handle it....

Oh, and for the artsy crowd, I've added another bit to "Derivations" in Views; Annie from Michigan posted her interpretation of that rose shot to the EBSQ site and I've added that link to the page.

Have a good day!


By popular demand, "The Story of the Jay" in Evermore: Sunday afternoon I'd dropped Brad off at an ice skating party after his last basketball game, and I realized I was near one of my favorite cemeteries. I decided to drop by since I had a nice cloudy day for backgrounds and such. ...and I wanted to check out how the newer camera would work against some of the shots I already had in the archives. I'm figuring if I'm going to open up Places in Stone I may as well reshoot some of my earlier stuff and be able to present it in a larger format...

So I wandered through one section and took a few shots and did a detailed series on one particular marker I'll use to lead off the core of the series (after I redo the intro). ...and as I was on my way out, I noticed this jay perched on an obelisk. He didn't seem to much care about the car as I went by, so I slowed and stopped. My window was open and my camera was available so I snapped off a single shot just for the heck of it. Yep, no bracket shots or anything. ...and when I took a look at the series on Wednesday evening I decided I had a decent shot to use.

For the technically inclined: Shot with a Konica-Minolta Dimage A-2 at 1/600, f/3.5, ISO 100, 200mm focal length from about ten feet away. Processed in Photoshop Elements 3 with unsharp mask and resized to about half the true shot size.

...and there you have it!


...and it's back to hoops and pool action today. Brad's team won their game last night which means the nine and noon games today will decide if they're playing again tonight at seven or nine or tomorrow morning. Confused? Join the club; this seeding is a strange one because of lack of gym space...

...and I'll miss at least the nine o'clock game because the solar people are coming by to rectify their installation error from the other week. This time we'll go over the game plan first and then they can proceed. least that part of the weekend sounds easy!


Well, after losing both games yesterday, it seems we're playing in a championship round today...

Blocking out...

I believe the term is "fodder"...

The Conjuror
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"Any sufficiently advanced technology is
indistinguishable from magic."
Arthur C. Clarke, "Technology and the Future"

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