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I'd say "no post", but since I'm behind on email and a couple of projects I'll mention I was home sick today. ...and I was "confined to the sickroom" until 1500 or so: seeing as how it was Shelley's first day of 'freedom' (school started today) she expected to be home by herself and not bothered by anything more than a hungry cat or two...

I felt it best to just stay out of the way <g>!


Oh, man... The TimeSink, -right? Well, for the last couple of nights, Daniel and I've been playing with a puzzle called Sudoku. Ummm.... Don't follow that link. Really! I mean unless you like puzzles. ...and/or are into Boolean strings. ...or are just plain overflowing with extra time. ...and have a pencil and paper around. ...and enjoy working in 'nots' and 'nors' (as in your brain all knotted up and there's norway your going to give up no matter what...). Really.

I mean, it seemed innocuous enough when I saw it premiered in the local paper on Sunday. ...and I didn't check out the web site immediately but just made up my own 'rules of the road', as in 'rule out this and that and the other, and what you have left is...' Which isn't all that different from some medical (and technical) diagnosic procedures.

...and of course, the first one was easy (and free), and they sucked me in just like any street dealer would. ...and it's only been three days and I'm flat hooked on it. ...and only two and Daniel is seeing it as his 'reward' for getting his homework done so we can do it together (but he's young and has less resistance built up). Nope, we're done for; I may never have time to post again on school nights. Consider this a cry for help from one who once was doomed to a life of zeroes and ones and who has now moved to the hard stuff...

'Binary' as a entry level addiction... Who'd have thought?


Just to clarify: Daniel is the Raiders fan, Brad is a big Green Bay fan, I currently have no particular affiliations, and Shelley is just happy football season is close because it reminds her Christmas is coming...

Yep, we're an interesting bunch...


Well, darn it, the heat's back. Yeah, 102F through the weekend and into next week maybe. ...and even though it 'dropped' to 99F today, it was hot and humid out on the shopping runs. Double darn...

Ah well, it can't last forever...


Oh, yeah... Well, Friday evening was spent trying to catch a bit of a break between the hectic pace of the week and the hectic pace of Saturday. Stray Cats and Springsteen, some time in and out of the pool, and trying some night time low-light techniques seemed to work. So did a comparative evaluation of Midori versus Grand Marnier as a adjunct to agave-based beverages...

Midori seemed to work better with Springsteen...


Ya' know? Some times I have to think that dippitydoos that work up the latest worms (like the one currently flooding the AT&T servers) haven't got a clue as far as the proper aspects of 'social engineering' go. They do provide the occasional moment of humor though:

Attached some pics that i found

+++ Norman AntiVirus - You are protected

Attachment 1: (application/x-compressed)

"Norman" AntiVirus? Well, I was sure there was a joke there (and not the one they wanted me to open), but it turns out there really is a Norman Anti-Virus!

Darn, another punchline down the drain...


Yesterday's efforts took more out of me than I thought! I've ended up sleeping much of Sunday away and not being too productive the rest of it. Then again, Saturday involved cleaning and gardenening and cooking for guests (tri-tip and garlic bread on the smoker and a nice salad) and ... well ... now I'm behind again.

Like that's something new <g>!

The Conjuror
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"Any sufficiently advanced technology is
indistinguishable from magic."
Arthur C. Clarke, "Technology and the Future"

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