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Well, darn... Yeah, I still need to work on the Linux box (and recovering the files!), but it seems that's going to be put off for another day or two while other events happen. ...but the backup box is doing what it's supposed to do and letting me handle email and browsing chores. Although... Yep, my Network Attached Storage needs to be put back on line more or less ASAP since not having that available (priorities, darn it) may have cost me some email addresses and some font files. Time will tell on those items...

...and time will become a bit more precious it seems; homework checking is on the rise once again, even on the weekends. ...and since it's cooled off (and it's only been a few days) I've developed the habit of relaxing in the big recliner after the family has gone to bed and waking up several hours later. It sure is relaxing, but it isn't leading to things getting done <g>!

Hmmm... That's sounding good once again!


We're still a bit unsettled on the one with just the rose, but here are the shots that Brad will be entering on Saturday:

Cayucos beach scene Your basic moth
Hibiscus Your basic rose

I've said it before: the kid has an eye!


(No Post; working on Fair prints)


Weeoooowwwooo... Lessons in last minute things, Part I: well, we have my photos ready to be submitted tomorrow. Not having done anything in this style before (mat only) it took a little longer to figure out exactly how to present each piece. I'll get them in tomorrow and then get Brad's mounted (mat or frame or foam board) and ready to go for his Saturday submission.

...and I'll have some feed back on mine on Saturday also; that's the day they're 'judging'. The only thing I'm unclear about is if the judging is 'entry' or 'formal' or both. I guess I'll find out soon enough. Oh, and Brad is safe; they rarely turn kid shots away.

...time to do some regular work (and some clean up)!


Okay, here are the ones I'll be submitting today:

Like a Seventies Album Cover Waiting for the Shot
Sunset in Clovis Sunset in Cayucos
Spiral Monday's Rose


Saturday, certainly not a day of rest! Sheesh. I slept in a little but ended up over at Brad's league football carnival to relieve Shelley so she could get out of the sun. When that was over (and I was thoroughly toasted myself) we took Brad's photos down to the Fair Junior Exhibits Building to get them checked in. ...and when we were done there we dropped by the Gallery Building to see how the judging was going on the division I was entered in.

Hmmm... It looked like three had been accepted (or at least not rejected out of hand) and one of those had received an Honorable Mention ("Sunset In Cayucos"). Hey, that's kinda' cool considering as a first timer all I entered were 8x10 prints and the winners in the four classes judged by that point were all 11x14 or larger.

That leaves three photos in two classes; those will probably be surprises since I don't think we'll be able to check back in before the Fair opens in a few weeks. ...and we came away with a much better feel for what types of presentation are expected locally. interesting experience all around. I think I may just have to start a folder for "Fair Candidates" to be able to cull through next year...

Have a good weekend!


If I do anything today expect go to church, nap, clean up the mess-o-mats from the photo work, and maybe blade, I'll let you know tomorrow. For now, I'm going to try to just stay under the radar...


The Conjuror
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"Any sufficiently advanced technology is
indistinguishable from magic."
Arthur C. Clarke, "Technology and the Future"

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