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Most Recent (Last update: 2359 10/02/2005)

High school football last Friday and college football Tuesday night; we're just a regular road show here <g>! Last Friday's gig was due to Daniel's high school dedicating a night to their 'feeder' schools: the junior high and something like six elementary schools all were able to send their football squads and cheer teams to the game with no admission charge (well, except for the parents accompanying the kids). ...and the junior high band took the field with the high school band to open the show, as did the players from the feeder schools. Yep, kind of a fun night for everyone. I'll probably put together an "Americana" photo piece on the event...

...and tomorrow night's deal is a company tailgate/game night for families. We had fun last year and are looking to repeat that once again. We'll be on TV too! Look for us on ESPN-2; we'll be in the far end zone waving at you...

Yeah, yeah, even with a good lens on the TV camera...


Woot! What a nice game to go to! Yeah, last year's Mid American Conference champs came into town and proceded to make the home team feel real good about life. Sure, they took their first string QB out before the game, but their defense was still intact. Well, not exactly: it was 44-7 for the home team by the end of the third quarter...

...and we did have a good time all around; this is an annual family event my company puts on. We start with a tailgate party for an hour or two with lots of food and drinks and fun together and then hit the stadium for the game. Shelley gets to see people she hasn't seen for a while and my coworkers can see how the boys have grown.

...and sometimes we make our own entertainment: Brad and I got down to the field for a while and took pictures. I'll post a few in the coming days because we each got a couple of sweet ones!

...catch you later!


...and then there are days I can pretty easily quantify the lack of extensive postings here! Like when much of the night is spent dealing with medians, means and modes in Sixth Grade Math and those are just plain grunt work once the kidlet has the concepts down. ...or maybe it has something to do with building a model of a cell using a giant cookie, a Hostess cupcake (chocolate), gummie worms, Healthy Choice sandwich cookies, icing and some sour tasting stringy candy stuff.

Nope, I couldn't make it up if I tried...


Well?!?!? Daniel's cell model won the prize as "most edible"; I suspect that's pretty darned good for a high school science class <g>...

The weather? In the low nineties... Yeah. ...and through the weekend. The nights are cool, but sometimes the evening cool down doesn't happen until well after sunset...

The projects? Pretty much on hold until things just slow down a bit. I have grand hopes for this weekend...

You can stop laughing anytime!


Not much: finished the work week, met the family over at my Mom's for Chinese (pics from there next week), came home and died in the chair...

Yeah, Friday's are just packed here!


Actually, Friday was just the start of the end of the week: neither Shelley or I slept well at all Friday night (Chinese food? Too much of the week?) and ended up writing today off pretty much as a day of recovery, naps and rest... Oh, we did get a few things done, but the main focus was on not pushing ourselves too hard and trying to take it easy.

I suspect Sunday may be the same...


Today turned out to be the first really cool morning we've had this Fall; even after coming home from church it was still just at 70F as I headed out blading. ...and while it tried to get up into the nineties I think it failed due to some cloud cover (actually it looked like a system blew over in the span of a few hours).

...and yes, we did rest as much as we could, but there was cleaning to be done both inside and out; that took care of much of the afternoon. ...and we spent the evening back at church listening to a group we really enjoy.

...time to head on into another week!

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"Any sufficiently advanced technology is
indistinguishable from magic."
Arthur C. Clarke, "Technology and the Future"

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