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Happy Halloween! I guess I could apologize for yesterday, but I'd rather replay another horrible Halloween joke...

As for the boys? Well:

More later on this one... Hey, they won!

Yep, every kid should have a grandmother with a pumpkin patch...

Thanks, Mom!

Have a fun day and evening...


A few years back I posted my then new internal email sig:

"Quick, correct, inexpensive; pick any two."
    Purchasing distilled...

Finally, thanks to Hal, I have a "proof" of that theory!

Vindicated at last!

On to Wednesday...


This has turned into one of those weeks where things are so busy at work that it's carrying over into the home life: by the time I get home and try to get unwound after homework and household stuff it's late and all I want to do is "not do". The weekend is looking really, really good right about now...

Yeah, yeah, "suck it up"...


Of kittens and kids...

How to make an introspective bass player with no amplifer (at least until Christmas) happy? Hook his guitar up through the "line in" on his computer's sound card. Bonus for parents: the sound level may be a bit loud, but it beats the heck out of even a small stand alone amp (at least until Christmas <g>).

How to make a bored, hyperkinetic photographer happy? Give him a used keyboard and a couple of screwdrivers and let him tear it down to the base components. Bonus for parents: relative peace and calm for a little while (excepting the slight problem when the popping keytops started to be targeted on the kitchen fan lights...). <sigh>

...and as a suggestion: when making sure kittens are in with their respective masters for the night, it would have been better to have had the grey and white calico not be selected by the Oakland Raiders fan, the one with the grey and white bedspread. The same applies to the nearly black 'tortie' and the Green Bay Packers fan with the dark green bedspread.

One day closer to the weekend...


Half a century plus half a decade...

Yes, it's that time of year again...


No post...


Yep, the cat ate my homework <g>...

The Conjuror
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"Any sufficiently advanced technology is
indistinguishable from magic."
Arthur C. Clarke, "Technology and the Future"

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