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Today was one of those days that just went a tad sideways for us. Insomnia hits Shelley and me both at times (mine often related to hers) and last night was one with a slow morning aftermath. ...and our plans for a quick strike dishwasher purchase were delayed when the 'floater' I developed in my right eye when Daniel and I were working on the floor Saturday became a bother again today. That lead to a trip to the eye doc for evaluation to rule out a detached retina; that turned out well enough, but the chunk that's floating is on my main axis of vision and is very annoying...

...and when we got back on track to Dishwashers 'r US we found out the one we wanted is about two weeks out! Darn. ...but hey, the kitchen and dining area are concrete and leveling compound, we're washing dishes in batches; the garage still isn't put back together and the pool sweep may be broken. Oh, and more rains are coming...

Did I mention the kids have finals this week?


Playing catch-up, both here and at work. I believe I'm caught up on email; if you don't have a response it means I've missed yours or mine didn't get to you. Just let me know...

...another day. I'm for the 'short week' this week.


I'm more or less just hanging on this week; things are busy at work and by the time I get home I'm just looking to relax. No, it's not necessarily working out that way, but I keep trying <g>...

On the construction issues here, the kitchen floor is looking okay (for concrete) and once I do a little bit on inspection work of one cabinet I think we'll be good to go. ...and having a larger capacity water heater is working out nicely for sequential showers!

Yep, more work ahead, but it's the good kind...


Yeah! One half-teaspoon of homework this evening with Brad, one cupful of anticipation with Daniel as we wait for his one final grade we don't have (tomorrow) and one evening where my best time was spent putting a kitty ball inside a three-foot length of cardboard tubing and helping the kittens try to figure out how to get it out! Okay, so I wasn't much help, but they were a hoot <g>!

Oh, yes, life in the fast lane here!


Pondering: I think blading in the Winter is more of pain to get to due to the rain and fog breaking up the workout routine. ...and without that routine I get behind and lazy and out of shape; and then the issue isn't bundling up with enough thermal protection, it's the 'uphill, against the wind, both ways feeling'... Summer is just a case of getting out and being able to get out almost any day I'd like.

Soon, real soon...


It's a day off here! I'm taking photos over on the coast and hoping to catch the "extreme gull shot" Lynn and I have been looking for...

Wish me luck!


We're home!!! ...and I sure hope you're ready for a week of pics from just slightly west of my routine wanderings!

Off to post and get people to bed around here...

The Conjuror
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"Any sufficiently advanced technology is
indistinguishable from magic."
Arthur C. Clarke, "Technology and the Future"

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