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Congratulations to the Steelers! Nice defense! ...and one nice reverse pass too! Yep, I got to watch some of the game! Heh. I did fall asleep a couple of times in the first half. I think that had more to do with the work Saturday evening and night and then blading this morning and yard work than the quality of play...

Yard work? Oh, yes! It's "hands dirty" time here. Sure, it's still way cold, but there was enough sun shining Sunday for me to just have to get out in the back and clean some and plant some and ... well ... I did stop before it got too bad. ...but I can see where I need to work the next few weekends and whenever there's time in the evening. I'm hoping to add some year-round color into things this year.

Happy Monday!


Oh, we're not done with "Monday's rose..." by any means! The alt/title on yesterday's has to do with that being the last rose from the garden the boys and I pruned for the lady down the street. ...and literally the last rose: that shot was taken just before we took that one down for the Winter.

...but no, there are a lot of places in the area that are still blooming. ...and heck I haven't even started in on the miniatures!

...and today begins the installation of the new kitchen floor. Daniel and I finished moving the furniture around last night to give us a hope of having somewhat of a normal household while the work is going on.

...and to let me continue to post <g>.


Well, the flooring is down! Next up: the trim work; he figures he'll be done today. Then it'll be moving things back and dialing things in a bit. Oh, and painting base and installing it. The old stuff didn't make the transition and we misunderstood where cove wasn't to be used. Ah, well, maybe the weather will stay warm enough for me to teach the apprentice how to paint base. I mean that's what they're for, -right <g>?

I think I'll go archive the blog...


The floor work is finished and looks just great. All the coving under the cabinets is done and it looks like I have about twenty-five feet or so of base to set. The good news on that is it looks like I may have that much in the wood rack. ...and it's the original stuff from when the house was built. That's no big deal, but it will make matching up to the living room borders a bit easier...

Now to remember how to miter...


Okay, that's it: I'm ready for the weekend and I'm ready now. The temperatures have been close enough to seventy to make everything feel nice and warm, there are bulbs to plant and weeds to pull and a drip line to extend and BBQing to be done and the pool filter to be cleaned and beer to buy to have on hand for all that other stuff.... Yeah, I'm ready.

There's also the minor bit about some more furniture to more and a geegaw or two to install at the sink and gee, that base won't move itself. ...and a computer rack that is going to have to be emptied to be able to turn it over so I can maybe change out those casters before we move it onto the wood floor.

..but it's in the seventies outside!!!


So far this morning has involved not sleeping in (due to a call for a kid to go play golf) and a photo walk. Next up is finishing the kitchen sink area, planting bulbs, maybe cleaning the pool filter (good grief: it's going to be 72F again today!), finishing some weeding, working on the garage and then taking Brad to the Philharmonic this evening to meet Mr. Gershwin...

Sunday? I'm thinking a day of rest...


Hmmm... Not to be (the 'day of rest' thing)... I've been off line most of the day tearing down the computer hutch and resetting how the machines are connected. This was supposed to be a check/replacement of the casters to ensure there wouldn't be a problem with the new flooring, but it turned into a bit of a redesign of the layout (pretty much in preparation for the next time I tear it all down <g>). ...but things are finally back up, at least for the moment.

...and I'm behind as usual: I owe emails and the update on the concert last night (we had a great time), but those will simply have to wait until Monday as I have some photos to sort through for tomorrow's post.

Until then...

The Conjuror
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"Any sufficiently advanced technology is
indistinguishable from magic."
Arthur C. Clarke, "Technology and the Future"

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