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Well, the heat came, although it didn't reach the 110 predicted (just 109F), and it's staying for the week. ...and yes the pool is even a bit warm; but it's still cooler than the ambient, and that let's me keep my body temp down enough to be able to barbecue...

Why barbecue in the heat? Just check in with the family; Sunday evening I configured the smoker's firebox for grilling and tossed on a double handful of chicken breasts I'd had marinating since Saturday. After searing them a bit, I put them in the smoke chamber and took a break until 165F (hmm... I guess I could have pan fried them on the street considering the outside temperature). Shelley and Brad both liked how they turned out so I think we'll be working on this procedure as the Summer progresses.

Yes, more chicken, folks...


Hey, it's under 100! ...only we've picked up some "monsoonal moisture from the Gulf of Mexico" which has caused thunderstorms to the north and south of us and kicked the humidity up significantly. No, nothing like what D.C. has had, but still enough to shut down after-school sports and have construction sites cut off work by afternoon.

Me? Gatorade and water...


Summer reading? No, not much as of yet. I realized how far behind I am when I was clearning out my 'vacation book bag' that I haul around with my reading inside. I have a trio of books it looks like I bought months ago, only I don't really remember them. ...and a couple of review copies I need to get read and posted to Book Fetish. ...and some photography magazines that I don't recall ever getting to last Summer.

Man, I need to get caught up...


No post...


The work week is done, and I'm ready for a break...

Time to do some travelin'...


The beach scene...

Travel day...


Man, it's good to feel cold again! Yep, leaving 108F for 68F is almost a system shock, but it's almost worth it to be able to have a hot mocha in the morning <g>...

...and it's also kickback time. Sure, we've walked a bit and talked a bit and visited a bit; but for the most part we've spent the first eighteen hours shifting gears from the rat race we've been on for the last several months...

...of course, Brad has been out skim boarding twice today. ...before 0900.

The Conjuror
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"Any sufficiently advanced technology is
indistinguishable from magic."
Arthur C. Clarke, "Technology and the Future"

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