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We went visiting today... A gentleman who used to work with me moved over this way a few years back. We figured an hour down the road was a good getaway from our getaway to get caught up on his getaway.

...and a trip by a college campus (Cal Poly SLO) on the way back gave Brad a look at one of the places he might attend.

...and a cold, foggy night to end the day.


Travel day...

Yep, we're home and it's hot...


Let's call today an "acclimation day"... Usually when we come home from a week or so at the coast I head back to work the next day; that's sometimes a bit problematic when I need to both spin back up to work level and adjust to the heat. This trip we came home a day 'early' to give us all a bit of adjustment time before heading back to the routine of orthodontist appointments (both boys), work and shopping (today gave Shelley a day out by herself without kids along).

So far, so good...


Yep, that extra day helped out some, especially since today turned into a heavy shopping run day. The heat was up there, but nothing like the 107F we're looking to have this weekend...

Back with another "un-post" tomorrow <g>...


Nope, it was just too blasted hot and I didn't wanna'...



One of the reasons I was a bit tired last night is the same reason I'm past "a bit" tired tonight: Brad and I have been doing some 'community service' gardening across the street; between the heat and the labor involved we're both a bit done in.

...but today we managed to get out in the morning instead of the evening and the results are looking good; the place isn't so much an overgrown jungle as it was and the entrance side is actually looking a bit more inviting. ...and we picked up some help from the neighbor on the other side: he took care of the lawn mowing when he did his own place on Friday. That gave us a nice chunk of time to work on the trees as well as the bushes.

Tomorrow I think we'll take a break...


Okay, so we didn't take a break. ....but the place looks good. ...and we're down to only having some bushes to trim up.

Say, maybe another evening or so's worth of work...

The Conjuror
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"Any sufficiently advanced technology is
indistinguishable from magic."
Arthur C. Clarke, "Technology and the Future"

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