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Yep, sunburn... Too many hours working out in the afternoon sun (paradoxically the only sun Sunday). You just cannot let your guard down when you've been inside a bit too much for a couple of weeks.

Ah, well... The redwoods behind the pool are trimmed up and have a nice bed of red snapdragons and orange Iceland poppies ready to hold the color pattern until the daffs come up. Some won't after our digging, but that's the price of progress...

Also handled was the repotting the plants by the gazebo; we're absolutely going ot have to extend the drip lines to them this year as they didn't get on quite as well as they might have with enough water. I still have to clear a bush and of schrub out before I can hang up my birthday hammock; but hey, the incentive will be there for that soon enough.

...and other than bone-dead tired, it was an okay day!


Time? No, not today! Work was full and last evening turned into one of those "run kids here and there" (school to retrieve an errant clarinet mouthpiece and to and from guitar lessons) and homework (to finish off the proofing and printing of a minor tome for a High School English class).

Oh, and the rain forecast that was cancelled? It's been raining since sundown.

...and it was only Monday!


I'm confused: It's Wednesday? It must be. Emmitt and Mario squared off last night and the final answer is tonight. Okay. Wednesday...

That means I've lost a day in my universe. WT??? Sunday was.... Yeah, yeah, and Monday was... Okay. So Tuesday was? Somehow I think I'm further behind than I thought. I'd better get to some email. ...and there are these coupla' pieces I'm not getting done that aren't intended as a tease ("115 in the Shade", "The First Hint of Fall", "Long, Lonely Roads", and the one I just jotted down over the weekend...).

Okay, that's a tease...


No post (a spaghetti feed at the junior high and then homework).

Which was quite enough, thankyouverymuch!


Winding down this evening. Well, spinning up enough to wind down: Shelley and I both ended up napping after dinner tonight (and she at least had dinner).

Shelley went to bed and I introduced Brad to Tim Burton and Danny Elfmann via The Nightmare Before Christmas (Daniel's choir director's choice for Fall classroom down time). Brad's learned enough this year about how plays are structured to follow the flow. ...and the music is cool.

Speaking of which, Meatloaf's Bat out of Hell III is out and just reinforces my minority belief that he'd have made a better screen Phantom... Sample out Sieze the Night and we'll talk...

Sleep calls; I obey (for a change)...


It appears to be a weekend of enforced lassitude. I mean, I've ended up sleeping half the day away! ...and it will be early to bed again. ...then again, Brad and I were out taking fog shots at sunrise this morning <g>!



Sunday, there was a Sunday. ...but what started as a sharply focused event starting at church left us with rock-concert deafened ears and a plan to deliver Thanksgiving meal-makin's to a family or two. ...and a breakfast for us at one of the old folk's places (Carrow's, family joke: Daniel just caught on that I'm eligible for the discount)worked nicely.

...but somewhere in there we worked in a droppoff to the boys' Godmother (cookie dough and garlic sea salt; best not to inquire too closely), trips to Target, Orchard Supply, Home Depot and one other in search of the wily Angel with both wings working. ...or a blow up creche for the front yard. (Shh, we're still trying to work ol' Tux into the show somewhere.)

...and then dinner caught us crosstown at a Brazillian Steakhouse with other stops between there and home. ...and the tree still sitting in my car since Friday.

Does it make sense? No! Will it work out? Yes!!!!~~~

The Conjuror
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"Any sufficiently advanced technology is
indistinguishable from magic."
Arthur C. Clarke, "Technology and the Future"

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