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Yes, it's going to be "Rollover Week" over on the photoblog, with perhaps the occasional commentary here. ...and yes, it's going to just kill those on dialup (because the images preload), but I'll try to archive the last few weeks ASAP and do what I can to keep things constained...

First up, "Monday's rose..." Why? Because of the title/alt tag I placed with it: "Shadow's Lady". The flowers from that plant tend to wash out in the sunlight. The rollover shot was taken just five minutes after the shadow shot as the sun's rays slipped above the pepper tree in the background.

"Hello, darkness, my old friend..."


Tuesday's rollover was taken on the way back from dropping Brad at camp. I'm guessing we were at about 3000 feet when the car in front of us slowed down to a crawl. That's not too unusual considering the condition of the road; but when we came to a bend in the road, we could see the driver was trying not to run over (or be run over) by a buck that had become trapped on the roadway because of the fences to either side.

About a mile later the fenceline had an area with the netting missing and the buck headed up hill. As we went by I tried for an off-hand shot through the passenger's window (yes, I was driving, but at 0 mph) with the small camera.

"Every picture tells a story..."


Oh, heck, I haven't blogged the weather in a while: it cooled off under 100 for a time, but that built back up again over the weekend. Add in some humidity at 39% and we weren't doing so well. Now it's just hot (101 or so) and I have to blade closer to sunset than I'd like, but it's workable. The 100+ days just make us appreciate the 99 stuff when it comes along...



Catchup: Brad's recovered from the camp regime (up too late, up too early, way too much activity <g>); Daniel has finished a full two semesters of US History in summer school, putting him ahead for his Junior year (with a "B" and an "A" for his efforts); Shelley is ready for a break in the weather here (her trip to Monterey with her dad was way too comfortable), but it looks like we'll have to go find some rather than waiting for a change; and I'm just ready for a break.

I think it's vacation time...


Driving stories: The latest trip out with the driving instructor (the professional, the ex-cop) started out with a trip downtown to 'experience' one-way streets and the general insanity of a downtown at evening rush hour. The quote from Daniel when he got back: "Mom, there were cars coming from every which way and crossing in front of you; it was like Frogger!"

...and when the instructor had him back in more towards our town and told him to 'find his way home' (more or less from the border of the city they'd been in), Daniel threw him off when he kept driving the way he was going. ...and when the instructor asked if Daniel realized he lived "back that way", Daniel's answer was, "Yep, but the freeway is just over here and I'm taking that home..."

Yep, he's coming right along...


Travel day...


Well, we're in and starting to sort out the various versions of 'downtime' we each employ: Brad's already been up early enough to squeegee the outside windows and go skimboarding, Daniel's complaining of 'nothing to do', Shelley is reading, and I'm letting Hypnos and his sons take me wherever they want...

More tomorrow...

The Conjuror
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"Any sufficiently advanced technology is
indistinguishable from magic."
Arthur C. Clarke, "Technology and the Future"

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