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Well, much progress was made on the front yard project, but getting out of bed this morning required a crane <g>... The area by the walkway to the porch is now re-covered and ready for any rains that may show up; and the valves are set in place and working. I still have to wire them in, but they'll work by hand nicely enough for what I need over the Winter.

...and the drip line feeds are all tidied up and ready for the drip lines to be reinstalled. I also started the layout on the expansion to the 'walkout' Brad and I put on one side of the driveway a few weeks back; that's looking okay and working well.

My arms? That's another matter...


Hoooeeeee! We had some weather blow through this area today: thunderstorm warnings and then the real deal came a-callin' at several places in the county. We didn't lose power, but about 3000 residences did.

In other news, I'm busy testing out Adobe's Flex RIA development evironment as an Eclipse plugin. I have to use the 32 bit Debian box as there seems to be a trick to getting it to run in the 64 bit environment. More as that part plays out, but the 32 bit install looks to be fine for what I need to come up with a database front end in Flash...

Yeah, I'm strange like that...


...also in the strange category is the latest tweak in Ubuntu 7.1 to get VM-ware server to work so I can get to my XP virtual box at work. There really wasn't any problem with uninstalling VM-ware server from Synaptic, and then nuking the one directory that hung around and would interfere with the clean install from VM-Ware. ...and if I may offer a tip to anyone else who can't wait for the repos to be updated: find where your .vmx is located before you uninstall so you don't lose the time I did looking for the blasted thing!

Yes, 1.04 uses a different directory structure than 1.03. ...but all was fine. ...other than my USB devices didn't make the trip. WT??? Back to the forums: yep, there's a config file to tweak. Why those four lines are commented out is anyone's guess, but whatever...

More fun tomorrow with getting the XP box to talk to its Ubuntu host...


Well, well, well... Ol' Tiffany went to the party as a cop this year! ...and it was no contest within the contest: "cop" won out easily, likely due to the input from a circle of friends of a friend of Ann's "Back East" (yes, Sherry, we know who you are <g>!). ...and I used the shot without the noose and without the suggestion for the whip (Hey now!), but it seems that may be an option next year. Who knows...

Happy November!


Some weeks (and some days) are best ended by a big bowl of high grade chili, topped with cheese and red onions, eaten at a sports place (because sometimes that's where to get the good stuff) while there's a game on (any game, any sport, ambience to give focus to something other than the noise)....

Yeah, like that...


...and it's an outside work day! The storms have passed; it may be 80 again today, and there's dirt to move.

More later...


...local holiday today here. Yes, I'll be working on the yard project, but that's by choice.

...and the answer hasn't been '42' for a while now.

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"Any sufficiently advanced technology is
indistinguishable from magic."
Arthur C. Clarke, "Technology and the Future"

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