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Daily doings in the land of The Time Sink
Here ya' go Hal...

A local article on The Fresno SuperFund Dump...

8/29/2001 11:05:07 PM

Any thoughts on that?
Wednesday 8/29/2001 11:02:14 PM

cynical, Frank...

But oh, how true...

8/27/01 12:54:08 PM

Any thoughts on that?
Monday 8/27/01 12:50:32 PM

Catching up...

Well, Hal, the local colloquialism is, "Let's blow this Popsicle stand."

...about the derivation: I think I'll listen a little closer to Leave it to Beaver the next time the boys have it on. It sounds like something Eddie Haskell would say...

8/26/2001 11:04:17 PM


The local team beat Colorado this evening!

...on the road!

Yeah, the offense was mediocre. ...and way too conservative.

...but the defense kicked some serious tail (backs).

Now returning to your normal insanity...

8/26/2001 10:15:12 PM

Sunday afternoon, Part II...

I thought I was just not up to my normal stamina level today; putting that stuff together ran me into the ground...

...then I found out I'd been working in 103F heat (not indexed; raw temp).

Okay, now I feel better about not feeling better...

8/26/2001 10:11:53 PM

Sunday afternoon...

I just finished putting together a BBQ grill and a recumbent exercise bike for Shelley.

No, there's no connection... to deal with the leftover parts<g>.

8/26/2001 2:34:14 PM

Any thoughts on that?
Sunday 8/26/2001 2:29:03 PM

Road trip...

If I leave now, I can be in Idaho in time for lunch on Wednesday...

...although, those frijoles Monday evening sound like they could carry the meal.

8/24/2001 10:17:20 PM

Any thoughts on that?
Friday 8/24/2001 10:05:56 PM

License plate and frame...

Oh, Yeah
Famous last words

...on the way to work

Yellow Mustang...

8/23/01 8:48:50 AM

Any thoughts on that?
Thursday 8/23/01 8:47:20 AM

Got it!

My apologies to those who ended up with stalled downloads on the Flash bit from last week.

Nothing like testing things from a new location to show a logic bomb...

Ah, well... Another data point... finding my last blog post from just before I left on vacation sitting there unposted.


8/21/01 4:02:26 PM


...and a belt

Just two of the many things I need to get used to once again...

Stop that! Yes, they still fit.

It's just so awkward walking with shoes on after ten days without: my leg muscles are still tuned for sand and surf sans footwear.

At least the weather has cooled off here for a few days; that will make for a nice transition.


8/21/01 3:42:48 PM

Any thoughts on that?
Tuesday 8/21/01 3:35:50 PM


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