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Daily doings in the land of The Time Sink
Oh, she is sooo back...
This afternoon I walked out of the Adobe building where I work and straight into the arms of spring. The air wound its way through the layers of my clothes and pressed against me. Jasmine decided overnight to twine its way around every lamp post and fill the air with its perfume.


2/22/2002 11:39:25 PM

'Bye, Stanley...

Yep, our favorite flatlander is back home with Miss Katie...

Napping before the trip home...

You can read all about his adventures on her site!

2/22/02 3:22:25 PM

The new person is one of us!
"...scary like Tammy Faye Baker and Joan Crawford meet Beetlejuice scary."

Yeah, that pretty much sets the stage for me...

2/22/02 1:32:53 PM

Any thoughts on that?
Friday 2/22/02 1:24:29 PM

The Next Day...
The next day, an hour later...

Really, this isn't a photoblog...

2/21/2002 11:03:47 PM

The first signs of spring...

No, not the birds singing. ...or the buds breaking. ...or the bulbs blooming.

It's seeing the kids shoes and socks strewn about the lawn when I come home from work...

2/21/2002 10:28:22 PM

Any thoughts on that?
Thursday 2/21/2002 10:24:11 PM

Tule Fog Sunrise...
On the way to work
2/20/2002 11:11:39 PM

Any thoughts on that?
Wednesday 2/20/2002 11:07:32 PM

Sitting Angel
I wish I knew this story...
2/18/2002 11:33:59 PM

She is soooo back...
Some serious Mardi Gras stuff here...

My assistant's new business card holder...

2/18/02 10:39:57 AM

Any thoughts on that?
Monday 2/18/02 10:34:35 AM

Of meese and men...

The epic battle continues...

One of these days? Cecil, it's hilarious now!

2/17/2002 11:41:11 PM

Watch out, Stan!

Yep, he of the missing tooth and he of the second dimension gave me a hand changing out the deadbolt on the front door this afternoon.

...and an interesting bit that was.

    Tools listed as needed to replace a deadbolt:

  • Phillips screw driver.

    Additional tools needed but not listed:
  • Chisel set to re-mortise frame for high security strike set.
  • Rubber mallet to use with chisels.
  • Power drill and drill bit set to drill pilot holes for 3" by 3/16 wood screws.
  • Power drill and screwdriver bit set to drive 3" by 3/16 wood screws.
  • Dremel tool to 'adjust' decorative strike cover to older alignment.
  • Extension cord for Dremel tool.
  • Broom and dust pan for wood chips.
  • Touch up paint for door (the decorative ring was welded to the old paint).
  • Specialty applicator (Q-tip) for paint application.
  • Nintendo game to distract one helper during the touch up paint application (Stanley really wasn't a problem).
  • Small hammer to set decorative screw covers on inside cylinder.

Partridge optional...

2/17/2002 7:47:30 PM

Fun with Spam...

Heh. I've finally found a use for spam... Well, not all of it. ...and since I have my very own cheerleader here at home, one entire genre is of no interest to me at all <g>. But I realized I was missing out on one of the really useful aspects of some spam: JavaScript techniques!

No, really. Since I handle my email at home through Kmail, anything that's not plain text gets displayed as source. ...and there's the cool part: I can take a quick look at each piece before I delete it and see if there's any cool code to borrow. There's some really decent stuff written for pop-ups and rotators and resizers that's been real-world tested on millions of under-appreciative users.

...and just last night I found a very fine pop-under bit I that I could use in widget marketing that will allow me to force open a window in your browser that's bigger than your screen just as soon as you look at the mail; and while you're trying to deal with that, send me back a confirmation that I've hit a valid email address off my 'gold list'.

Gee, I think that's just neat...


Penguinistas forever!

Sun Feb 17 13:13:35 2002

Any thoughts on that?
Sunday Feb 17 12:39:14 2002

Obligatory weekly obscure reference...

So I was reading about the little cloned kitty...

...and with all the obvious ethical and moral questions that others will deal with to no end, what struck me was the name of the man ultimately at the core of the company that's funding the research, John Sperling. ...add in that his goal is to clone his pet dog and try to keep Missy alive indefinitely, and I have to wonder if he's not a progenitor of one Mary Sperling (of the Howard families).

No, you shouldn't worry about weird references all that much;
but if things like that bug you, check in with Jon or Brian or email me...

Sat Feb 16 22:49:18 2002

In the cupholder this evening...

Bombs Away, Dream Babies, John Stewart...

I'd ordered the album after Cecil's reminder earlier this week and it showed up in today. Man, it all came back as it spun in the player...

Living in the heart of the dream
in the promised land.

Thanks, Cecil.

...and yeah, Keara, deara; that one's for you too <g>.

Sat Feb 16 21:37:38 2002

Any thoughts on that?
Saturday Feb 16 20:55:31 2002


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