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I parked while the southbound freight headed by. ...and wandered up to the crossing in time to watch the last car carrier head off into the distance.

...and as I crossed over the tracks, I glanced again to the south and saw the lights of the northbound freight waiting on the siding.

The crossing bell started up once again before I reached the corner of the station...

...a good start to the day, I would think.

4/12/02 8:32:46 AM

Any thoughts on that?
Friday 4/12/02 8:07:12 AM

"Jim's a mutant from Jupiter!!!"

"Why anyone would want to be an accountant is beyond me!"

My assistant as she nearly totalled (not 'totalled on', 'totalled') out a ten key trying to deal with some really long columns.

...and no, don't ask about the spreadsheet option.

4/11/02 11:58:37 AM

Memorex??? has taken away many of our chances at forging the longlasting bonds we formed back when we were likely never to leave our home town, work for the same company all our lives.

4/11/02 9:28:34 AM

Thursday Threesome...

Onesome: Red. Color me passionate...what are you passionate about? My family and friends. Mess with them and I tend to get just a tad miffed...

Twosome: White. Color me truthful...or is it little white lies? What's the last "little white lie" that's come from your mouth (or keyboard)? Heh, the softball of the day. "Sure, Daniel, I'll be up for a while; go back to sleep." (last night after the umpteen-zillionith tuck in...)

Threesome: Blue. Color me with music...what one piece of music really speaks to you? Oh, my... Rachmaninoff's Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini. So many memories. (You may know it from the movie Somewhere in Time...)

How about you?

4/11/02 8:19:36 AM

Yeah, that post really belongs over here...

4/11/2002 12:19:51 AM

Any thoughts on that?
Thursday 4/11/2002 12:08:24 AM

Hey, Brandy!!!

Feel anything yet?

No? Hmmm... Normally I'd leave a breadcrumb trail; but in this case, perhaps corn kernels would be better...

Follow the trail...
4/10/02 1:25:21 PM

Any thoughts on that?
Wednesday 4/10/02 1:06:43 PM

Running with the wind...

Oh, baby, baby, that's just what I needed... Yeah, now I'm ready to kick back some and just relax and enjoy the feeling.

Oh, gosh no; this is a family-rated site. Good grief, I went blading this evening just ahead of the storm front. I hadn't been for nearly a week, what with the sick kidlets and all. ...and yesterday I didn't want to chance it 'cause I was still skosh sleep. But this evening...

This evening, the winds were picking up as I came home and I almost bailed on the trip; but I got to thinking about maybe pacing myself and at least getting a warmup round in. Heh. That lasted until the first turn downwind...

Down wind... For a mile or two... Even with the switchbacks, it would still be mostly downhill and downwind. ...and if I did pace myself, maybe I could pull the full return run. So yeah, I went for it; running with the wind for the entire first leg and maintaining enough speed to have fun, but not pushing too much right away; I'd need that on the next two sections of roadway...

...and it worked well. Man, on those downhill chunks, with the wind at my back? Sheer beauty! ...and the traffic was still light enough to let me stay in the center of the road, which made for great turns as I'd pick up speed coming off the berm.

...and I caught a break on the next two legs: the wind shifted so I was dead on working into it for the next half mile or so. ...and that was okay, because it meant on the uphill chunk I would pull a crosswind instead of heading into the prevailing winds as I usually do. ...and I could still pace those two sections.

Things were a little more grim at the top of that rise as the loss of conditioning and my general fatigue started to assert themselves. ...but the next section was with the wind. ...and my time for that split was actually where it normally would be. So I didn't take the shortcut; I just ran with the wind until the pavement ran out and I had to turn back towards home. the same time the wind decided to pick up!

Oh, boy; now I was running on empty. ...and the best I could do was tack back and forth through the neighborhood instead of trying for a straight run; I'd have never made it against the winds the storm was now sending. So... Slow on the runs into the wind and relax on the crosswind portions; just a slower pace to finish off the run.

...and keep remembering that first part: running with the wind.

Oh, yeah...

4/9/2002 11:41:25 PM

Any thoughts on that?
Tuesday 4/9/2002 6:54:27 PM


Heh. I mentioned in the last post that I moved off the EditThisPage servers because of some hiccups. Well, when I went confirm the linkage on the post, the servers were down...

4/7/2002 10:08:27 PM


Since I didn't get around to it on Friday, I ended up archiving the Blog today (usually the day when I flip the Daynotes page) and I noticed that my temporary experiment with the Blog hit the one year mark last week... Not bad for something that was a knee jerk reaction to the hiccups the UserLand servers were experiencing at the time.

For the record, the initial TimeSink post was in December of 1999 (with one version of that story here on the ETP site).

4/7/2002 9:57:25 PM

Rock of Ages...

I know I've told this one somewhere before, likely over on the Daynotes site; but in light of our resident Rock/Web Goddess' latest adventure, I'll throw it into tonight's mix:

I was sitting in English class a few years back at the local JC listening to the instructor relate a story from his days in school... I was probably the oldest student in class with the majority twenty or more years younger than me (and the instructor was ahead of me by about the same amount). So he's telling this story about he worked his way though school singing at funerals. ...and how he and the organist would leaf through musical equipment catalogs while they were doing their gig.

...and he mentions that while he was singing "Rock of Ages", they were looking at this catalog. ...and this valley girl behind me goes off with, "Oh, right, 'Rock of Ages' at a funeral, fer sure...", in a most sarcastic tone.

...and I just lost it to the point of disrupting the class. ...and got to explain to him about Def Leppard and to her about classic hymns.

Okay, maybe you had to be there...

4/7/2002 9:16:07 PM

Any thoughts on that?
Sunday 4/7/2002 8:47:56 PM

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