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Speaking of reading...

...since that's part of today's topic. Have you ever taken a moment to think about animal rights? ...or animal welfare? Some people have... More so, this ex-EMS type. Here she has a piece that is laid out very well. Agree or disagree, it's worth a read.

...and that's why we read: to stretch those horizons a bit.

4/25/02 1:16:32 PM

Thursday Threesome...

Onesome. The Good. Read a good book lately? Recommend a recent read - as well as your favorite book of all time... Hmmm... I mostly relax to military science fiction (David Drake, David Weber) and fantasy (L.E. Modesitt); I'm currently reading a reprint (with editor's notes) of Drake's Dogs of War and sandbagging a small stack for summer reading. Best read ever? Gotta' be Heinlein's Stranger in a Strange Land.

Twosome. The Bad. Was it so bad that you couldn't watch anymore? Tell us about a bad movie - did you leave or suffer through it? (Videos can count, too) Ooooo... That one that was so bad we walked fifteen minutes into it... Mercifully the title doesn't come to mind. Bad, real bad. Horrible. Ugly. ...even threw away the popcorn.

Threesome. And The Ugly. And then things turned ugly... Oh, have a day (or date) seem to go so horribly wrong it can only be described as "ugly"? Tell us all about it... Hmmmm... Today is starting to rank right up there, as I try to do the impossible <g>! Nah, usually it's a day when there is a supply issue that cannot be resolved. ...until I relax on the way home and realize I have at least the possibility of a work around already in place. ...from the last 'ugly day'.

How about yours?

4/25/02 9:06:08 AM

Any thoughts on that?
Thursday 4/25/02 8:10:03 AM


At least I thought I was... A few minutes ago I wandered out to the kitchen and noticed the TV was on. ...and as I went over to turn it off, I noticed Brad huddled in the recliner: he was watching a tape. The poor guy thought it was morning...

...then again, I was heading that way to make some dinner.

4/24/2002 10:51:17 PM

What are friends for???
Happy Birthday, KittyKitty!!!

Ah, they take Kitty's personal mascot and turn it into a wonderful work of art.

...and then let me borrow it <g> so I can say:

Happy Birthday, KittyKitty!!!


Okay, I do admit to having a thing for younger women...


Hey, you! Stop the laughing <g>...

Yeah, you! So...

4/24/2002 12:01:20 AM

Any thoughts on that?
Wednesday 4/24/2002 12:00:19 AM

That darned cat...

RunTunTun, the cat I exile to the laundry room each night lest he yowl us all into premature wakefulness, has refined his tactics of passive resistance...

Tonight he must have seen me carrying his cat box toward his Elba; for a bit later, as I wandered into the living room, I found him in a most unusual place: dead geometric rear center under the coffee table that's still pushed up against the couch from the painter's visit. ...a place my arms are not quite long enough to reach.

Pity he doesn't quite grok that the table will move...

4/23/2002 11:39:15 PM

Any thoughts on that?
Tuesday 4/23/2002 11:26:17 PM

Blading goooood...

Endorphin levels now above zero... to deal with a program installation that bears no relationship to the instructions sent with it!

4/22/2002 9:05:12 PM

Any thoughts on that?
Monday 4/22/2002 8:52:44 PM

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