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No cake???


Good muffins though...

6/13/2002 9:50:28 PM

The Thursday Threesome...

Special Edition: CLUE

The Answer: Miss Scarlett in the Library with the Lead Pipe.

Onesome. Miss Scarlett, what makes your face turn red? Hmmmm.... I guess when I really say something totally inappropriate for a situation. It doesn't happen as much as it used to; but oh, the memories!

Twosome. The Library. What books are a must in your opinion for a personal library? The Bible, a good dictionary, Shakespeare, Conan Doyle, Heinlein, Pournelle, Norton, Drake, some humor. ...or one PC with a net connection <g>!

Threesome. The Lead Pipe. Ever have a plumbing related woe? Tell us all about it... Oh, gosh: the kitchen sink trap in this house! Coupled with the brand and style of garbage disposal, we had all sorts of trouble with stoppages until we finally realized that anything 'peeled', as in potatoes, carrots and even egg shells, would pass right through the disposal and block the drain line where the disposal pipe joined it! I must have torn that entire drain system apart four or five times before we figured out the problem...

How about you? Come on by and let us know, over on The Back Porch...

6/13/2002 12:07:31 AM

Any thoughts on that?
Thursday 6/13/2002 12:02:04 AM

Places in Stone(6)...
Links to larger image
6/12/2002 1:04:38 AM

Any thoughts on that?
Wednesday 6/12/2002 12:40:17 AM

Laced brownies...

Heck, I thought that type of thing went away in the seventies...

Tonight I asked what I thought was a most innocent question: "Honey, what type of bundt cake is that?" Easy, right??? A real softball... Just making conversation... I was totally unprepared for the stare I got.

...turns out the blasted thing is full of zucchini!

Just one more way to try to keep Daniel and me eating healthy <g>!

6/11/2002 11:18:30 PM

Fairies and pixies...

Blog Fairies the other week... And today another pixie dropped this in my mailbox:

Thank you Pega!

6/11/2002 10:53:28 PM

Any thoughts on that?
Tuesday 6/11/2002 10:34:09 PM

Something a little different...

Have you ever run across this logo in your web wanderings?

It's one of the varied projects handled by MizDos, Brandy Reed. Last month she issued a challenge to the guys to participate.

Hmmmm... What I do best is write and perhaps tell a story or two. ...and that site frankly intimidated me a bit, what with all the artsy stuff and all. ...but I submitted a piece last week. ...and it was accepted. So yesterday I added some artsy stuff to one of my stories and sent it in...

Interesting... Dan has something up that's a little different...

Double Dog Dare???

Good grief...

6/10/2002 9:44:56 PM

Any thoughts on that?
Monday 6/10/2002 8:57:21 PM


Well, the overnight routine went okay. ...other than the unscheduled wakeup. ...and then there's Brad, as Shelley and I were figuring out the timing of the late risers and the early summer service hours:

"Hey, Dad, are we gonna' get 'em up and all go to church together today, or are you just going to mail a check in?"

Ya' know...

...and later, both of them:

"I just don't see why we have to do chores before we go out and play the day after someone spends the night! It's just not fair..."

Hello? There's a new holiday I'm not aware of? So we volleyed back with time-honored "Dishes and Laundry" classic.

You'd think they'd see that one coming by now...

6/9/2002 7:34:17 PM

Any thoughts on that?
Sunday 6/9/2002 6:06:44 PM

Summer is here...

Found on the kitchen table this morning:

Shelley's site has the story!


What's up with that?

6/8/2002 7:31:14 PM

Any thoughts on that?
Saturday 6/8/2002 7:30:06 PM

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