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Last light...

10/01/2004, 0003

Any thoughts on that?
Friday 10/01/2004, 0002

The Thursday Threesome...

Onesome- Against: Is there anything you are vehemently opposed to? Or just something that gets you up on your soapbox? Hmmm... Women's equality in the workplace gets me going pretty good...

Twosome- All: Is there something that you have to give all or nothing to? Sports... I'm not athletically inclined ("declined" would be a better term), so for the most part I just leave sports alone. ... but blading? You betcha'. All out! Oh, and parent-kid soccer; that one I go full tilt on. ...until I drop a few minutes later <g>.

Threesome- Odds: Are you a gambler? What would you bet on and for how much? Nope, even penny ante poker is a business for me... (Okay,  o n e  lottery ticket every so often, but that's just for the schools...)

What are your odds-on favorites? Let us know, over on The Back Porch...

09/30/2004, 2047


09/30/2004, 0002

Any thoughts on that?
Thursday 09/30/2004, 0001

Meditation on a sunrise...

And just a little later...

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Oh, heck, here's a desktop...

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09/29/2004, 0002

Any thoughts on that?
Wednesday 09/29/2004, 0001

I'll bee leaving now...

09/28/2004, 0005

Any thoughts on that?
Tuesday 09/28/2004, 0003

Monday's Rose...

09/27/2004, 0002

Any thoughts on that?
Monday 09/27/2004, 0001

Shadow play...

09/26/2004, 0036

Any thoughts on that?
Sunday 09/26/2004, 0015


09/25/2004, 2143

Any thoughts on that?
Saturday 09/25/2004, 2140