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Faded day...

10/22/2004, 2205

Faded morn...

10/22/2004, 0049

Any thoughts on that?
Friday 10/22/2004, 0030

The Thursday Threesome...

Onesome: Lights!- What do you think of the trend to light up houses for *every* holiday? It used to be just Christmas and maybe Halloween, but lately the stores have been full of Valentine's Day and St. Patrick's Day lights. Oh, and Thanksgiving/Autumn and... Oh, please! I do the Christmas thing most years; and when the boys want to help I'll sometimes do a 'pumpkin patch' for Halloween. ...but no, I'm not into lighting up the place for any old reason.

Twosome: Camera!- What's your preference? Digital or film, black and white or color, portraits, candids, or just whatever catches your eye? Digital. ...especially with the advances in color printing in the last few years; I can take pictures for use here on the web and still make decent prints of many of them. ...and my subjects? Heh. Well, flowers for sure, but mostly I take shots of whatever catches my attention.

Threesome: Action!- Do you have a favorite sport? Do you follow the local high school or college team, trek to the kids' games each weekend or are you all about the pros? Oh, man, football is what I like the best. ...but both boys are in sports now so we're following both golf and football. ...and yeah, the pros. I'll watch the local college team, but Sunday is my day to hope it's raining so I'm forced inside!

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10/21/2004, 2319

Rainy day miniature...

10/21/2004, 0005

Any thoughts on that?
Thursday 10/21/2004, 0003

Wind and rain...

10/20/2004, 0003

Any thoughts on that?
Wednesday 10/20/2004, 0002


10/19/2004, 0002

Any thoughts on that?
Tuesday 10/19/2004, 0001

Monday's rose...

10/18/2004, 1807

Any thoughts on that?
Monday 10/18/2004, 0002

Just teasing us...

But still...

10/17/2004, 2348

Any thoughts on that?
Sunday 10/17/2004, 2330

Dusty sunset...

10/16/2004, 2359

Any thoughts on that?
Saturday 10/16/2004, 2345