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Lord of his domain...

01/14/2005, 0036

Any thoughts on that?
Friday 01/14/2005, 0010

The Thursday Threesome...

Onesome: The Phantom-- Pick one (or more <g>): Hey, have you seen it yet? Are you going to go see it? Have you seen it on stage? Read the book? What Phantom? I've never seen a stage production, but Brad and I saw it over the weekend and just loved it. ...and since then a friend sent me a copy of the book; I'm about half way through that.

Twosome: of the-- Of the sights and sounds and smells of Spring what are you waiting for the most? ...and what is the first sign in your area that Spring is on its way? The first sign of Sping for me will be (is? Shall I foreshadow?) the flowering quince next door blooming. ...and what I'm waiting for the most? The daffodils! Oh, yeah, they let me know the photo season is starting anew!

Threesome: Opera-- Theatre? Stage? Local shows? Do you get a chance to visit any of these venues? Any recommendations on current items? Well, after the successful time with Brad at Phantom... I'm inclined to try for a local stage production. ...although if Cats ever makes it down this way, I'm sure we'll try to go!

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01/13/2005, 2206

On a rainy night...

Rain is falling
slow and steady
Trees are moving
as bidden by the winds
The night is cold
the hour is late
Moments pass
but one stays near...

Wind and rain...

Click the pic for an 800px version

Illumination? From the street lamp just out of frame
Time? Just before midnight
Exposure? f2.8 for eight seconds at ISO 200
Camera? Minolta A2

01/13/2005, 0009

Any thoughts on that?
Thursday 01/13/2005, 0001

Not so subtle...

At sunrise yesterday...

01/12/2005, 0025

Any thoughts on that?
Wednesday 01/12/2005, 0010


My harbinger of Spring...

01/11/2005, 0002

Any thoughts on that?
Tuesday 01/11/2005, 0001

Monday's rose...

Between the rains...

01/10/2005, 0003

Any thoughts on that?
Monday 01/10/2005, 0002

A snow globe?

Nope, just a water droplet...

Mouseover for the answer

01/09/2005, 0002

Any thoughts on that?
Sunday 01/09/2005, 0001

Mixed Media...

Fall and Spring...

01/08/2005, 2102

Any thoughts on that?
Saturday 01/08/2005, 1955