The still-beating heart...

Even as the petals curl...

07/06/2007, 0002

Any thoughts on that?
Friday 07/06/2007, 0001

The Thursday Threesome...

Onesome: At-- the head of the line for the iPhones, were you? No? What do you think of all the hoopla. ...and the continuing hype? Just curious... Nope, although we had lines both in Fresno at the Apple Store and in Clovis at the AT&T places. Nice toy. Lotsa' money...

Twosome: Long-- roads to forever... Do you have a favorite road/trail/path you like to travel just for the scenery? I have on route around the block that I use while blading to scout for likely photos. ...and there's one up toward the hills that may become a driveable way to unwind a bit.

Threesome: Last-- year did you think you'd be doing what you ended up doing for the holiday yesterday? ...or did plans change a bit? No, not at all. We usually vacation at the beach for the Fourth; this year we stayed home (more over on Daynotes).

How about you? Let us know, over on The Back Porch...

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07/05/2007, 2244

Safe and Sane...

...or maybe not so sane<g>!

07/05/2007, 0015

Any thoughts on that?
Thursday 07/05/2007, 0010

Hooray for the Red, White and Blue!

I can't think of a better spokesperson

Photo credit: Sister Ann...

07/04/2007, 0004

Any thoughts on that?
Wednesday 07/04/2007, 0004

First response...

Look again...

07/03/2007, 0003

Any thoughts on that?
Tuesday 07/03/2007, 0002

Monday's rose...

Still something left to give...

07/02/2007, 0010

Any thoughts on that?
Monday 07/02/2007, 0005


...from primary colors.

07/01/2007, 2359

Any thoughts on that?
Sunday 07/01/2007, 2359

Could June be complete without a wedding?

Ah, the lovely bride!

Photo credit: Sister Ann...

06/30/2007, 2245


...but gently so.

06/30/2007, 0003

Any thoughts on that?
Saturday 06/30/2007, 0002