Solstice In the darkest of Winter, hope glimmers in an overlooked corner. Reinforced in the following weeks as the daylight lengthens, the hope that the land and our spirits will renew grows though the ground remains hard and barren. Frame it to your preference and carry it within you where that hope can grow and flourish. This time is forgotten in the extravagance of Spring, but it is always there. The renewal is as well if we will only see it. Every moment is the Dark Night just as the flower is always blooming. Look past those forms to the stillness that feeds both the light and the dark. Visit, then dwell there, behind the currents of change and appearance. Call it what you wish; love, God, spirit, "the light", the Atman, dharma, the name doesn't matter. What matters is whether you seek it after you glimpse it. If you don't, don't worry. It will be there when you return. It's there right now, seemingly behind the background noise of everything else. All you need do is seek. When you do, you will find other seekers. You probably are already in some sort of group of seekers, but that is not necessary. It is close and real and personal. Things look different around the edges, but in the center, ..., it is all the same. Love, everything else is just filling in details

...used with permission