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Hi there! Short shrift this morning; I went to bed early as this cold is still dragging at me. ...and I need my brain this week as we're going to start grabbing use rates from the start-up and writing procedures for restocking their stations. It should be fun...

First out of the gate this morning is the Costco run. It's been determined that running out of paper, either toilet or copy, can shorten a purchasing geek's career. ...besides, maybe I can find something else while I'm checking out the various stores in the Fresno/Clovis area.

If you're bored, Sunday had a link or two of interest; and the alternate site hosted one side of a conversation on health care...

Have a good day...


<Push any key to reset>...
Sheesh, that plan didn't survive the middle of the night. ...when my nose decided to try out for the annual Bay to Breakers race. I ended up skoosh sleep and Shelley ended up on the couch in self-defense. ...and it's not good for MS patients to not get a solid night's sleep. I may start out on the couch tonight if things recur.

So, a more or less lazy day at home. The big clue was when I took an afternoon nap and flat passed out for three hours. Hmmm... But today's a work day no matter how I cut it; there's just too much going on to stay home. ...and the paper stocks are likely drawn down lower than they were over the weekend<g>.

On to business: Jonathan Sturm linked to David Em's article on the lack of color fastness on the Epson printer line. I'd first heard about this from a local Mac dealer rep who also is a photographer. That community is having a real issue with the problem. If you are an archivist, it's worth a moment of your time.

Bob has mentioned Lois McMaster Bujold's books twice lately. I have to second his opinion of her work. With the ranks of the old masters thinning, she does a fine job of filling in. Her Miles Naismith character is well worth following. Reviews of her work here with an interesting overview here comparing her to LeGuin, with Pournelle and Weber references thrown in to spice things up.

Speaking of Bob's site and the question of how many screwdrivers are enough. And Mike Boyle's comment about male children... A few years back, I needed one of my nice Wiha screwdrivers to work on something. I looked at the rack, the empty rack, and came storming out with, "Who the heck has my tools??!!??". This little voice came back from the distance, "They're not under my bed!" Sure enough, there they were, enough tools to disassemble an alarm clock.

Just as I did years and years ago...


I'd love to talk about the election, but I would guess at least some of you out there could use a little diversion this morning... So let's start off with Christmas.

I think Bob and Shelley might be in cahoots... The same day Bob requested some suggestions for gifts from the backchannel, Shelley presented me with a list of seventeen non-negotiable demands... Oops, sorry; that was some sort of sixties flashback. ...a polite but very firm request for a Christmas list of gift suggestions. A list that she'd like by no later than 01Dec00. Oh my. I guess last year didn't work out as well in retrospect as I would have liked.

It's just soooo easy to walk by some gewgaw at the local Costco and drop it into the basket. Now, if I had a Palm to make notes on as I browse... Then again...

Oh yeah. Dan, the actor won...


Short shrift. I headed off to bed after quite a discussion with Caldera 2.4 and the laptop. I don't recall who won... I remember taking lots of notes; hopefully I can get a report up this evening.

The short version is my cold is not yet gone and I needed some sleep and packed it in early. ...at least early for me<g>. Perhaps a thought or two later today.

In the meantime, be well...


No “later” thoughts yesterday... Well, one. ...over on the alternate site. I'm still trying to perk myself back up after what appeared to be a simple cold. I'm real glad I took Monday off; I think if I hadn't, I'd be in worse shape by now. As it is...

Well, the first thing that goes is my brain. Wednesday afternoon our clinician forwarded me some new County policies as she knew I could use them in my weekend classes. I promptly sent them along to my college account without a glance; I figured I'd look at them next Saturday. ...and later that evening, I had one heck of a time with my email client; it didn't seem to be able to pull mail sent after about 1600 local. So, I cut it off and reset my dial-up connection; even net access seemed slow. I even had what looked to be a never-ending download going on from one site... Then I walked away for a time...

D'oh... I have the account at the college auto-forwarded to home. ...and those policies totaled something like five megs. On a dial-up. ...and oh, yes; they were waiting for me again at the office in the morning. ...as I auto-forward the main account there during the week. Sheesh.

Happy Friday!


The eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month...

Your history lesson for today.

Thank you...


Well, it won't be a day of rest... I need to finish a paving project before the sn