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The history of this little undertaking had its origins in Jerry Pournelle's daily musings on computers, life, and everything. Bob Thompson followed with a similar daily journal, and... well... as they say, the rest is pretty much history.

Below, you will find a bunch of ordinary folk who simply like to write. The links listed will take you to our daily journal-like pages. Some of us write for a living; some write simply for the cathartic pleasure of hearing ourselves think. And while you'll find a general thread of computers and computing sprinkled throughout most of our meanderings, there's a lot of personal reflection here too. So pull up a stump, and get comfortable. Boy do we have some stories for you... 

Jerry Pournelle (Chaos Manor - Current View)
Robert Bruce Thompson
Tom Syroid (Syroid Manor)  or... Mirror
Bo Leuf (Leuf Daynotes)
Shawn Wallbridge (Maximum Tech)
Sjon Svenson
John Doucette (Silicon Patch)
Chris Ward-Johnson (Dr. Keyboard's Diary)
Brian Bilbrey (BPB Graffiti) or... Mirror
Matt Beland (RearViewMirror) or... Mirror
Dave Farquhar (The Silicon Underground)
Steve Tucker (Wakeolda)
Dan Seto (
Jim Crider (Doc's Progress Notes)
Dan Bowman (The Time Sink) (The Significant Others of the Daynote Gang)
Ben Rota (Ator) (Diary of a Geek)
Moshe Bar (Moelabs)
Bob Walder
Phil Hough (Phil's Diary)
J H Ricketson (Warlock Ltd.)
Frank McPherson (Notes from the Cave)
Jonathan Hassell (Hasselltech)



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