I took a different walk the other evening. The day had been a bit too long and things had come up that I just didn't feel would make good company at home. ...at least not until they had a little Tincture of Time applied.
So I came by a quiet place,
one where I knew the cold foggy day was most welcome.
Yes, the day had been dreary, with the fog socked in solid. ...and the evening was looking to be bleak and dark. I figured I could at least wander for a time and let my mind settle while I took a picture or two.
But then, for a few minutes, the clouds broke above the fog.
...and the sun lit the gap.
...and I had different pictures to take.
...before the wind kicked up and the fog and the biting cold closed in once again.
A lone truck came by, the passenger dropping off a reminder to a memory...
...and after a time, my thoughts were also settled.