At the Door

...and when I opened the front door that Sunday morning, I found a visitor!

(mouse over the photos for his responses)
The player

What the... "Dude, you scared the heck out of me!"

Well, it's not like I can reach the doorbell...

"So what are you doing here?!?"

I was looking for this chick...

"A chick?" "A mantis chick?" "Here?" "You've got to be kidding me..."

Yeah, you had a photo up at your place a while back. She's hot, man!

"This gal?"

Sweet Susie...

"Ummm... Listen, I'd better tell you a ..."

Dude!!! That's her!

"Trust me, pal; she's not what she seems..."

Ah, come on. Hook me up!

"No, really, Dude, let her be." ........ "Here, let me show you another shot of her..."

Holy!!! I'm outa' here. Thanks, man...

"No problem; there'll be other chicks..."

Why did he fly off?

Are you sure you want to know?

Okay, but you were warned before you came over here!

What? Can't a girl enjoy a little lunch?

Happy Halloween!

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