1 : an inscription placed at the end of a book or manuscript usually with facts relative to its production
2 : an identifying device used by a printer or a publisher

Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary

TimeSinkViews is the latest evolution of the TimeSink domains. Over the last several years the pages generated here have moved from the Daynotes-style pages to a blog-style and thence to a photoblog with all sorts of writings, galleries, desktops, photo walks and other sundries that have caught my fancy scattered hither and yon over the entire .net (and some onto the .org). That was all well and good for me, but for someone trying to navigate through the site things were past the point of 'confusing'. Add in the tidbits that are floating about in my head that I'd like to do and well...

Yeah, it got bad enough for my partner in web crime to take a look at one of her own sites and just basically add one of her numerous revamps into my place (ten thousand "thank you"s, Sheila) before she changed hers yet again. The purpose of TimeSinkViews is two-fold: the obvious one is to find a way to bring some coherency and order to things; I think she's accomplished that rather nicely (although I'm now tasked with bringing even more under this umbrella). The second is to free me up to be able to do more of the types of things that don't fit into the established formats of the daynotes or the photoblog pages. Some of those are already posted for your enjoyment here at TimeSinkViews on the index page. Here's hoping you'll like what we've done...

The "device" you'll see in various forms in the header of TimeSinkViews is Moro Rock, located at the southern end of Estero Bay on the central California coast at the entrance to the harbor of Morro Bay. When our family heads over to the coast for vacation in the summer, Moro Rock is the first true landmark we can see as we come down out of the coastal hills toward Highway One and the last leg of our journey toward Cayucos. For me it means the start of maybe some serious down time and some significant recharge time; by 'bringing it home with me', I'm hoping to inspire some additional creativity. ...and yes, now that I have this type of forum to work in, I'll be putting up additional shots of the rock and the scenery and the squirrels that we feed when we visit during our stay just up the coast.

Welcome to TimeSinkViews
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