Well, the kittens are settling in a bit... Mostly they raise all sorts of heck by playing with anything they find on the floor, using the living room furniture as a race track, and generally treating the house as a WWF ring as they tumble about.

...but every so often we have a moment or two of peace. Here's Mocha resting on Brad between bouts:

The HyperKinetic Duo at rest!

...and it appears that Soda has reached a level of tolerance with Zoe:

He'll let Mocha nap close by also...

...although that may be stretched a bit from time to time.

Nope, she doesn't fall off...

...and what does the 'old lady' think about all this? Well, this pretty much says it all:

Just ignoring everything!

May 27, 2005 * || send comment