Home again

Last year I put up a PhotoProse piece reprised with words from an earlier blog post about heading over to the coast on vacation. This year I was looking to produce a word or sight picture of the return trip. ...but the trip itself doesn't lend itself to the anticipation the journey to the coast does; after all, this is a return trip home, and one back to the heat of the valley (typically 106F or so) from the coolness of the California Central Coast (65F and foggy much of this year's vacation)

Really, what is there to think about coming back to after ten days of cool weather, ocean scenes and flowers blooming in a moderate-temperature environment? Heat blasted roses?

Just a day or two of too much heat....

Yet, somehow this desert we live in manages to bring forth a little something now and again. ...or in the case of this palm tree,
a very singular bloom:

That flower is about two feet high...
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